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{Full Watch} Razz Trend Video Leaked On Twitter: Is It Also Viral On TikTok, Instagram, Telegram

Our research on the Razz Trend Video Leaked on Twitter will share the latest updates on Razz Video TikTok which is also trending on Telegram, Youtube, etc. 

Are you aware of the Razz trend going online? We could find multiple information on this trend as Razz Trend Video Leaked on Twitter shared information on two different updates. This video has been trending in France and Belgium. We will be discussing both the trends that are trending on social media sites. Please see this post to learn more details about this trend. 

About Razz Trend Video Leaked on Twitter

As per our research, two different updates are trending online. In the first update, it was found that a French-African influencer, Razz who is famous for his TikTok videos had been trending because he met with an incident. On the other hand, updates on the vaping trend of Blue Razz Ice Kush were also trending online. 

Razz Video TikTok

A Tiktoker named, Razz who is French African has been going live and streaming on TikTok. He was connecting to his fans and making live video with his brand new iPhone 15 which has launched recently. But, his new phone fell and the screen was destroyed. This incident made him trending nowadays. 

Other Razz Telegram Updates! 

As per our research, people who are interested in vaping must be following the vaping trend. This trend involves the vaping tools of different flavors having 10,000 vapes. Among all Blue Whale Ice is trending among the people.

Instagram Update on Razz! 

We have tried to research the French African Tiktoker’s page on IG, but we could not find any authentic profile of Razz on any social media platform including IG. However, there are not many details available on this incident on IG.

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Is the Video Available on Youtube

We have researched this video on YT channels but we could not get the updates on any YT channel. This video has not gained much popularity on other social media sites as it was only trending on Razz Video TikTok pages. Some countries cannot access the platform, TikTok due to which we cannot share the link of the video available on TikTok. However, you can search for the video on other social media sites like Youtube which may require in-depth research. 

Are these two trends different? 

As per our research, these two updates are entirely different from one another. The first video belongs to an influencer while another video trending online belongs to the flavor of vape. These both are trending on Telegram because they both have the common term ‘Razz’ due to which people are confused about this update. We hope that all the updates related to Razz are clear to you.


Summing up this research, we have informed you about French African Tiktoker Razz who is trending because his expensive device, iPhone 15 fell. However, another update on vaping flavor, Blue Razz is different from the first update. You can research on Instagram to find these trending videos as it requires in-depth research.  

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DISCLAIMER: We have shared details on both the videos having the common term ‘Razz’ and both of these videos are different. We have provided details on both keywords to avoid any confusion among the readers.

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