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This post delivers complete Ray Crypto Price today’s worth and other vital facts of the currency Radium, which is operated in blockchain.

Ray currency is just the short form of Radium Crypto Coin. They are liquidity providers and makers of automated markets. These are in wide use in the United States and across other nations too. So if you ever think to invest in Ray currency, you must be familiar with Ray Crypto Price

Thus, this blog shows the complete information and clear financial details of the token Radium, which are in wider circulation in the crypto-currency world. The Coin is very popular and well known to every professional blockchain freak.

So let’s read it out the facts and be very precise about it.

What Is Ray Crypto Coin?

Radium currency is the liquidity giver and maker of the automated market formed in the Solana Blockchain for exchange named Serum decentralized. Unlike various other AMMs, this currency also Provides liquidity on-chain. The Ray Crypto Price varies depending on the market fluctuation every day.

The funds deposited into Ray Coin get converted to the limit orders and sits on the serums order books. This allows Radium to access the entire LPS to every Serum order flow along with the existing liquidity. Radium is a native utility Coin that is used for staking to get protocol fees. It’s also used for receiving IDO allocation and governance of votes on the protocol decisions.

You might be patiently waiting to read the price of Ray Coin. Well read below 

Ray Crypto Price Statistics 

  • Radium Price today: $12.04
  • Twenty-four hours change in price: $1.51
  • Twenty-four hours high rate: $12.93
  • Twenty-four hours low rate: $9.54
  • Twenty-four hours Trading volume: $455,171,698.82
  • Market cap/Vol: 0.6431
  • Market dominance: 0.03%
  • Market rank: #222
  • Total locked value: $951,422,585

Founders Of Ray Coin

The overall strategy, product direction and operations, and business development of the Radium Coin is led down by the Alpha Ray. In 2017 Alpha entered into the market to provide liquidity, and since then, it had not looked back. Ray Crypto Price may fluctuate with the eyes blink due to various factors.

How Many Radium Coins Are In Circulation?

The main net of Radium Coin was launched on 21st Feb 2021 with a genesis of 555,000,000 tokens in creation. It was said that 34% of the total Coin is to be released as liquidity mining for over three years. The other 30% are marked for a partner.

  •  Maximum supply: 555,000,000
  •  Total supply: 555,000,000
  •  Circulating supply: 59,178,804.76 RAY

How To Get Radium Crypto Currency?

Well, this coin can easily be bought following the instructions listed down carefully.

  1. Open an online account supporting centralized exchange 
  2. Mark the Ray Crypto Price and buy the crypto-currency wallet. This step is an optional one
  3. Purchase Ray Crypto coin on binance.

Now you can store the purchased Radium Coin safely in the secured wallet for the long term. But do know beforehand Where and How to get Radium Coin.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Mention the total locked value of the Radium token.

Ans. $951,422,585

  1. What Is The Full Name Of Ray Coin?

Ans. Radium Coin 

  1. Who is the operator of Ray Crypto Token?

Ans. Alpha Ray

  1. Mention the market rank of this currency.

Ans. #222


Today Ray Crypto Price value is 11.96 USD. One can easily earn Radium currency from any top exchange site supporting this token.

While there are a lot of facts that you must know before investing in the cryptocurrency world.

Have you invested in Radium coins before? Comment 

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