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Rare Coin Crypto {Oct} Price, Chart, Contract Address

This article describes the features, supply and distribution of a highly discussed cryptocurrency based on smart contracts. Read about Rare Coin Crypto.

Are you interested in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies? If yes, you might be interested in knowing about this most discussed coin in the crypto community. Crypto is considered to be a future investment asset by many major institutions.

Crypto traders and investors from India and the United States are very much excited about this crypto that has the potential to generate good terms on their deployed capital in the coming days. Read this article completely to understand completely about Rare Coin Crypto.

About RARE

RARE is a type of cryptocurrency that has a limited supply. It was released on 8th March 2021. There are only a total of 36500 coins. Only 720 coins will be released in 2021. This coin is 575 times rarer than Bitcoin.

This coin is based on xDai Stake Blockchain and is easily available using the Metamask account. This limited supply has helped to increase the popularity of the coin to a great extent. This cryptocurrency has a supply of two coins per day. The final coin is supposed to be minted in 2071.

Rare Coin Crypto

  • Total supply is truly distributed using smart contracts with the help of the xDai chain.
  • Rarify Apps can be used to stake, sell, buy and for free claims.
  • This token is not available for initial distribution or presale.
  • The funds are daily dripped to Staker pools and ratify Claimer.
  • There is a daily distribution of two coins. One coin is sent to Staker’s pool, and the other is sent to Claimer’s pool.
  • The coin distribution takes place strictly according to the rules of the pool.

 Market Capitalization

  • Current Price: $0.4293
  • 24h Low: $0.1519
  • 24h High: $0.7975
  • Trading volume of Rare Coin Crypto: $1,168,797.51
  • Market Cap: Not available
  • Market Rank: 3017
  • Market dominance: Not available.
  • Contract address: 0x81B1bFD6CB9Ad42DB395c2a27F73D4DCf5777e2D

About Founders and Team

The founder, investors, and team details are not mentioned on the official website or any official social media handles. Any update regarding the same will be mentioned in the upcoming article related to this coin.

How to Buy?

  • xDai compatible wallet is to be installed for buying the token.
  • That wallet needs to be filled with xDai to enable the transaction. xDai is a sort of stable coin that has a similar value to that of USD. Read more on Rare Coin Crypto.
  • The transactions made using xDai are high and are very fast.
  • xDai can then be exchanged with RARE. Major cryptocurrencies are converted to xDai to enable the buying of RARE.
  • Always prefer trusted crypto platforms while transferring the tokens.
  • Honeyswap can be used to trade RARE with xDai. The function of honeyswap is to allow the user to trade different crypto assets by using the user’s default wallet browser.
  • The value of the xDai varies according to market conditions.


Q1: What are the benefits of investing in Rare coins?

A1: The holding value keeps increasing as the Rare Coin Crypto supply is limited in the market, and the demand for the token increases with time. Another benefit of this token is the high earning yield provided to the token farmers.

Q2: How does staking work?

A2: A rare weekly dividend is distributed to the stakers of Rare Token.


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