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Rarbg Shutdown Reddit: How & What Rarbg Shutdown? Is It Good? Check Details Here!

The below post, contains the most sensational Rarbg Shutdown Reddit news snatched the sleep of movie and series lovers.

Do you love to watch movies? Which website do you use to download movies? Movie lovers Worldwide must have heard about the RARBG website that provides torrent files and magnet links to promote peer-to-peer file sharing. 

But there is sad news about the RARBG website that went viral on Reddit. People from different countries continuously searched for Rarbg Shutdown Reddit news to know what happened with the RARBG website. 


Disclaimer: All the information mentioned here is for educational purposes. We have gathered all the details from trustworthy and reliable sources.

Which news about the RARBG website went viral on Reddit?

Recently, a news article about the RARBG website went viral on Reddit. Many Reddit users posted about the sudden shutdown of the RARBG website. The shutdown of the RARBG website affected Reddit because it is one of the most popular social media sites. Millions of people posted content on Reddit. Thus people came to know about the shutdown of the RARBG website. 

Is Rarbg Shutdown news real?

Yes, the news about the RARBG website’s shutdown is real. On 31st May 2023, the RARBG website was blocked in several countries. The website was blocked because of legal reasons. The most obvious reason for the block is the facilitation of copyright infringement. Check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see recent updates on this shocking news. 

What Rarbg Shutdown is?

RARBG was a torrent website that permitted users to download copyrighted elements like games, movies, and TV series. But recently, the RARBG website faced many challenges, and many countries banned the website. Because of the sudden shutdown of the RARBG website, movie lovers became upset as they couldn’t see movies and series for free. 

How Rarbg Shutdown affect Reddit?

Reddit is the first social media platform that shared the shutdown news of the RARBG website. This move by Reddit is part of a crackdown on unauthorized and illegal streaming websites by copyright holders, other industry stakeholders, and the government. This crackdown already increased the pressure on illegal websites. The users of these illegal streaming websites are targeted by fines and lawsuits. 

Some alternatives for the Rarbg Shutdown Reddit:

There’s good news for those who depended on the RARBG website. Many alternative websites are available where you can enjoy your movies and series for free. Some popular streaming websites are 1337x, Pirate Bay, and YTS. 

Is there any chance of getting back the RARBG website?

Unfortunately, there are no details available about this topic. Many Reddit users spread rumors about the coming back of the RARBG website. So, besides the “What Rarbg Shutdown is?” question, people also became curious to know if there’s any chance of getting back the RARBG website. But as no official information is available, we cannot assure you anything. 

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The Closing Thoughts:

The Rarbg Shutdown Reddit news makes every movie and series lover sad. Countries like the United Kingdom, Turkey, Denmark, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Portugal, India, Netherlands, Finland, and many others banned the RARBG website. Click here to watch the significance of downloading torrents with a VPN.

Did you use to watch movies from the RARBG website? Please comment.

Rarbg Shutdown Reddit– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Is the shutdown news about the RARBG website true?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 When did the shutdown happen?

Ans. 31st May 2023. 

Q.3 When was the RARBG website launched?

Ans. In 2007.

Q.4 When was the RARBG website banned in Finland?

Ans. On 8th June 2018.

Q.5 What is the URL link to the RARBG website?


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