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[Updated] Randomstuff0823 Twitter: Who Is Sofia? Which Sophiathebaddie Dog Video Is Viral On The Internet?

This post on Randomstuff0823 Twitter will discuss all the details related to the video uploaded by Randomstuff0823.

Have you heard about the video uploaded by Randomstuff0823? Do you want to know more details about the video? If yes, then this article is for you. Recently, citizens Worldwide have been discussing this video and searching for the details. So, if you are curious about the video, please keep reading this post on Randomstuff0823 Twitter because we will explain all the details related to the video.


What is the video uploaded by Randomstuff0823?

An account named Randomstuff0823 uploaded a video on Twitter. This video shocked the internet, and many people talked about this video. In the video, a girl was being intimate with his dog. This is entirely unusual, and people were shocked while watching the video. The video was named Sophia the baddie. According to some information, the video has been circulating since 2016. The video was first uploaded on TikTok but was deleted soon because it contained explicit content.


We are not targeting or blaming anyone but are just explaining which are already on the internet. We cannot share original video link as it may have explicit content. This article is just for informative purposes.

Who Is Sofia?

According to some sources, Sofia is a social media influencer. She is active mainly on TikTok. Her video was deleted from TikTok, but according to some details, she had around 2000 followers on TikTok, but when she uploaded her dog video, she gained a lot of views and followers. In her explicit video, Sofia’s face was not completely visible. Her face was blurred in the video, but many people commented on it and said it was Sofia. Many people have watched this video, and some have even found her video disturbing and offensive.

Is the Sophiathebaddie Dog Video still available online?

Many anonymous accounts have posted the video online, but it has been deleted because it was offensive to people. Also, it promoted explicit content, which is not allowed on social media. Therefore, the video was fully cleared from TikTok and other social media platforms. Still, the video has been strangely uploaded by some anonymous account currently on Twitter, and many people have watched the video. However, this account was also suspended from Twitter because it had explicit content. Besides, there are rumors that the second part of this video has been uploaded on an unknown social media platform.

Social media links

The account of Randomstuff0823 Twitter has been deleted because it violated social media rules.

Final verdict

To conclude this post, explicit videos should not be uploaded on social media as they can be disturbing content for people. Please visit this page to learn more about Sophia the baddie

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Randomstuff0823 Twitter – FAQs

Q1. What is Randomstuff0823?

Answer: Randomstuff0823 is a Twitter handle that uploaded the explicit video of Sophia the baddie.

Q2. Is the Randomstuff0823 account still available on Twitter?

Answer: The social media account has been deleted by Twitter.

Q3. Why did Randomstuff0823’s account get suspended?

Answer: Randomstuff0823 account got suspended because it promoted explicit and offensive content.

Q4. What was in the video uploaded by Randomstuff0823?

Answer: The video uploaded by Randomstuff0823 showed a girl involved with a dog.

Q5. Who was the girl in the video?

Answer: The face was blurred in the video, but many people say it was Sofia, the baddie.

Q6. Is the Randomstuff0823 Twitter video available online?

Answer: No, the video has been taken down from the internet because it was offensive.

Q7. What is Sophia the baddie’s social media?

Answer: Sophia, the baddie, has deleted all her social media accounts.

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