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Randi Trew Chris Beard: Why He Arrested, Is He Married, Also Check His Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Daughters Details Along With Latest Twitter, and Reddit Post!

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Do you know about Randi and Chris Beard? Are they in a relationship? People in the United States are searching about these two and want to know about Randi Trew Chris Beard relationship. Some latest news revealed that Chris has been charged with assaulting one of his family members. But, readers want to know about the identity of the member who is assaulted. In this post, you will learn about Chris Beard and Randi Trew. 

Latest News on Trew and Chris

After Beard parted ways from Leslie Beard, his new Girlfriend, Randi Trew had been his support system. Randi and Chris started dating in 2019. But, Randi Trew filed a complaint against Chris Beard for assaulting her. As per online sources, he had been arrested and his arrest has been confirmed officially by Tony Plohetski. He had been arrested on Monday morning. 

Why was Chris Beard Arrested

Chris Beard is the head coach of the NCAA since 2015. He is 49 years old and had previously coached Texas Tech. Recently, he had been accused of domestic violence and his family member filed a complaint. As per online sources, he was arrested on this charge on Monday morning. He had been arrested for a third-degree charge.

Family details: Chris Beard

If you do not have much clarity on the family members and life details of Chris Beard, kindly go through this post to know about this head coach. 

Real Name Christopher Michael Beard
Date of Birth  February 18, 1973
Ex-Wife Leslie Beard
Children from ex-wife 3
When did he marry? 1996
Profession Basketball Head Coach
Annual Salary  $ 5.2 million
Coaching Career began in 1991

We hope that this information will help our readers to know him better. 

Which platforms had covered this news?

The news surfaced on every social media platform after he was arrested. As per online sources, he had been arrested on the morning of December 12, 2022. Platforms like Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, etc., covered his arrest news. Many verified badges had also tweeted on his arrest. So, almost every news channel and social media site had covered this update. Moreover, he had been suspended from Texas without any pay. 

Was this the first case of domestic violence in Texas? 

No, this is not the first time that someone has been arrested for assault. But, in June, Arterio Morris, freshman guard, was also arrested for an altercation with his girlfriend. Twitter also reposted this news. 

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Know About The Profesional and Married Life Of Chris: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When did Leslie and Chris marry? 

Ans. The couple tied the knot in 1996. 

  1. What is the net worth of Leslie Beard?

Ans. The journalist and author, Leslie Beard has a net worth of five million dollars. 

  1. What is the latest update on Chris?

Ans. Chris has been arrested for assaulting Randi Trew.

  1. How many Daughters did Leslie and Chris have?

Ans. The couple was blessed with 3 daughters. Ella, Avery, and Margo are their names.

  1. What is the annual salary of Chris Beard?

Ans. His annual salary is $5.2 million. 

  1. Who was Chris Beard dating?

Ans. After parting ways with his Wife, Leslie Beard, he had been dating Randi Trew who is the head coach of the Women’s Volleyball team.

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