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Rai Fernandez Viral Scandal: Explore Full Details On Raizah Fernandez Part 2 Leaked Video On Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, And Telegram

Read the Rai Fernandez Viral Scandal article to learn about the recent video and her social media links.

If you are consistently connected to social media, then you know the name, Rai Fernandez. But, are you aware of the recent video leaked on various social media platforms, which gained millions of views? Do you want to know details about Rai Fernandez? So, keep reading our article, which shares knowledge of the girl.

People Worldwide search thoroughly on the internet to find out about her. Finally, after a thorough search, we found some news about the Rai Fernandez Viral Scandal

Let us discuss the leaked video and details of Rai Fernandez.

What is the recent video leaked?

Currently, several videos are posted by users on social media. But unfortunately, some of them are the most explicit videos to grab the viewers’ attention. The video of Rai Fernandez is one such type with offensive content, and it is about 0.28 sec only. 

But the small video gained huge attention from netizens. Four girls posted uncovered pictures and went viral in the news as Raizah Fernandez Part 2 Leaked on Tiktok. 

The four Pinay girls in the video are offering offensive and uncensored content to the viewers on the internet. Rai Fernandez is one among four, and as she gained huge popularity in the audience.

Who is Rai Fernandez?

Rai Fernandez is an ordinary girl who posted her explicit video. The girl wears a black mask in the part 2 video. With three other friends, Rai Fernandez has undressed and exposed body in a video leaked on Twitter. But the video is not available on her account. 

Rai Fernandez gained fame on Tiktok; her account earned more than 35,30,415 views and 2,01,514 likes for her post. But unfortunately, several videos are posted daily on social media to earn fame.

Should the video be banned?

On YouTube, the video went viral, but later it was deleted. Such videos should not be allowed on social media as the users also include minors. Proper measures should be taken to ban such videos, especially on YouTube, to save our future generation from falling behind evil paths.

On Reddit, we find several videos of offensive content regularly. After the video went viral, some users created a Reddit page for Rai Fernandez.

On Instagram, we cannot find the video, but some post on their page about the Pinay girls. Also, some hackers try to grab more subscribers by posting messages to subscribe first to watch the video.

Rai Fernandez gained 120k subscribers within a night. The video has swirled on the internet and search engine as Google got heat up with 5 million users. 

We can find offensive videos on many social media networks now and then. For example, Rai Fernandez and other girls wore attractive outfits. On Telegram, we may find the video as some social media has deleted the video.

Note: We present you with the news available from various sources and do not support such content mentioned in the article.


We have shared with you the news about the girl present in the Pinay girls’ viral video. Rai Fernandez is among them. There is no information about her native ethnicity. Click here to know more.

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Rai Fernandez Viral Scandal related FAQS

1: Who is Rai Fernandez?

Rai Fernandez is a Pinay girl from the viral video posted on social media.

2: What does the video contain?

The video has disturbing scenes and uncovered pictures of girls.

3: Where can we find the video?

The video was posted on various social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Tiktok etc.

4: Was the video available?

As per our research, we found out the video was taken down on all social media platforms.

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