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Raft Trash Cube {June} Explore Newly Added Feature!

The new query is how Raft Trash Cube can help the players after the game receives the update. We are here with another guide on that.

Have you ever played the Raft video game? The game is associated with river rafting and exploring treasure. If you have an interest in river rafting, you must try this amazing game. 

Recently the game has the latest chapter update. Therefore, players of this game from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are excited to explore what they have got in addition. Here we will be looking at Raft Trash Cube, one of the features, and metal detector, a tool available in the update.

How getting Trash Cube will help the players?

The Raft game is based on a survival mission while exploring the hidden treasure of the ocean. For their survival, players need some supplies. Therefore, in the game, there are multiple items available that aids the players in some ways. Trash Cube is one such item.

These are used to upgrade the Raft. Moreover, players can use trash cubes as a trading item while purchasing or selling from vendors. 

How to Make Trash Cubes in Raft?

Players can find trash cubes by diving deep into the ocean. It is not a great challenge to find this ubiquitous item. What you need to do, is jump in the sea to begin the haunt.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for your survival at the same time. It is because the ocean is full of underwater animals like sharks who can attack anytime on you and kill you.

You can locate different trash items underground. Once you finish collecting items, witness the amazing view of turning a wooden Raft into a huge boat.

Raft Trash Cube price list:

Let us now see how valuable your collectibles are:

1 trash cube from the recycler is equivalent to 300

Name Value
Stone 6
Plank 16
Palm Leaf/Feather 10
Vine Goo 26
Seaweed/Rope 20
Glass 38
Clay/Sand/Scrap 30
Ore/Dirt/Giant Clam 60
Leather 50
Ingot/Bolt/Hinge 76
Wool 150

How can a metal detector be used in the game?

A metal detector is a tool that players can use to scour Island. You can explore resources like ores, scraps, paintings, titanium ores, planks, etc. A metal detector has a series of colored lights with the help of which you can estimate how far you are from reaching the resources. 

Metal Detector Raft requires plastic 12, scrap 6, and one battery and has three levels. Red indicates that the item is far from the reach, whereas yellow is the medium-range indicator. On the other hand, green signals your proximity. However, once the green light is on, the beeping sound will change to buzzing, indicating you are at the exact spot.

What is the Raft game?

Raft is a video game that you can play solo or with friends developed by Redbeet Interactive. Your mission is to survive the perilous sea and explore the treasure with the help of in-game items.


Raft Trash Cube and metal detector can help survive the game while haunting the treasure beneath the ocean. We hope you get the necessary information about your search for the Raft game. For more queries on the Raft game, you can visit here.  

Do you need more information on Raft in-game items? Please do not hesitate to talk, you can comment in the section below.

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