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Radhika Merchant Wikipedia: Who Is Her Father? Also Check Her Age, Net Worth, Family, Instagram Account, And Biography In Detail!

The article explains Radhika, and her biography, net Worth, and the engagement information of Radhika is obtained by reading Radhika Merchant Wikipedia.

In addition to her business career, Radhika Merchant is also a dancer, media personality, celebrity partner, and online personality. Born on December 18, 1994, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, she is an Indian businesswoman and online personality. Radhika did her schooling in India and graduated in the United States. Gather more details by reading the below Radhika Merchant Wikipedia.


Who is Radhika Merchant?

Radhika completed her studies at Cathedral & John Connon School and EcoleMondiale World School in Juhu. After completing her primary schooling, she transferred to BD Somani International School around 2009 to finish her junior high coursework. In 2013, Radhika moved to New York City to finish her undergraduate studies at The University of New York Science. Family details are explained below. After that, she made a permanent comeback to Mumbai around 2017.


Who is Radhika Merchant

Wealth, housing, and vehicles:

Radhika Merchant has an $8 million Net Worth. She has the opportunity to accomplish important things because she is Viren Merchant’s child, a well-known entrepreneur. She and her family are reported to have a net worth of $2 million US and reside in their mansion in Mumbai.

Radhika Merchant Age is 28 years old in 2022. She is the daughter of Shaila Merchant, one of the most prominent businesswomen in India, and Viren Merchant, the Vice-chairman, and CEO of Anchor Healthcare Private Limited. Anjali Merchant, her younger sister, is named. Her mother and sister also run the family business owned by her father. Nevertheless, she was only working for these firms to gain experience. Her Father owns the business she works. As far as conducting business research is concerned, she is an expert. Analyzing the emerging Middle Eastern markets for Taxi Services is one of her responsibilities.

Moreover, she compiles vital data for market reports covering the global banking industry. Her business savvy is clear from her actions. She is capable of handling her work-related issues with ease. Net Worth of Radhika merchant is $8million. With her business’s money, Radhika can afford to live a luxurious lifestyle. In addition to having numerous residences, Radhika also drives a few high-end vehicles.

She became a star after proposing to her long-time boyfriend, AnantAmbani. The Ambani family is well known in the Indian business world for raising AnantAmbani, the youngest son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani.


  • Full name Radhika Merchant
  • Nickname Radhika
  • Birth Date  December 18, 1994
  • Age  28 years
  • Place of birth  Kutch, Gujarat
  • Father  Viren Merchant
  • Mother  Shaila Merchant
  • Career  Business Women
  • Marital Status  Unmarried
  • Fiancée/Boyfriend   AnantAmbani
  • Religion   Hinduism
  • Height 5’5″
  • Weight  50 kg

The personal details of Radhika Merchant are explained above. Thursday, she got engaged to AnantAmbani and many celebrities gathered for the celebration.

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As per research, Viren Merchant and Shaila Merchant’s daughter Radhika Merchant is engaged to AnantAmbani, the youngest child of Mukesh and Nita Ambani. In Nathdwara, Rajasthan, a Roka ceremony took place on Thursday, i.e., December 30, at the Shrinathji Temple. Gather the latest pics online.

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Radhika Merchant Wikipedia – FAQ

Q1. Is Radhika Merchant wealthy?

She is Viren Merchant and Shaila Merchant’s child. One of India’s wealthiest billionaires is her Father, the CEO of Encore Healthcare.

Q2. From what country is Radhika Merchant?

Gujarat’s Kutch

Q3. Is Radhika married?

The ceremony “begins the formal journey of Anant and Radhika’s marriage in the following months,” according to the statement.

Q4. What does AnantAmbani do for a living?

AnantAmbani was recentlyannounced as a director of Reliance Retail Ventures after serving as the director of JPL, or Jio Platforms, for over two years (RRVL).

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