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Raca Coin {Aug} Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address

Learn every detail about Raca Coin its current price, trade volume, types and other specifications, before investing your money on it.

It is so much advice to get all your details cleared about any cryptocurrency before investing your hard-earned money in it to avoid the possible risks. Raca Coin is one such cryptocurrency that is known as the most exclusive supervisor of NFT MPB. Its official Website is www.radiocaca.com. It is in great demand Worldwide for a long time now and can be used to do farming or to buy rare resources in-game. More information about this token can be found at bscscan.com.

What is Raca token?

This is a non-fungible in-game token that is used for buying yield farming or buying rare resources. This coin is called the exclusive token, which governs MPB NFT and DeFi+GameFi vehicle for the USM Metaverse.

Raca Coin founder–

This coin has a founding team with more than 10 years of experience in the sphere of 3D game development that developed the most potent meta-universe. Moreover, this coin also has exclusive rights for NFT publishing for many celebrities and companies and is also the sole manager of Meyer Musk’s NFT. 

The Price of the Raca Token–

The current price of this token is found to be ₹0.031939/Coin or $0.0050883/Coin. It has faced a sharp decrease of 51.78% in its price in the last 7 days. However, the cost of the Raca Coin was upsurged to 13.4% over the previous 24 hours. 

The Current Price, Volume and Supply of this coin–

  • The current price of the coin is ₹0.031939 per coin.
  • The market cap value for the last 24-hour market of the coin is not furnished anywhere on the internet.
  • In the previous 24 hours, the cost of this coin has increased by 13.47%.
  • The price of the coin has decreased by 51.87% in the last 7 days.
  • Details about its circulating supply is not given anywhere on the internet.
  • The total volume of Raca Coin exchanged in the last 24 hours is ₹21.6B.
  • The total and maximum supply is 445 278 491 084.
  • The market rank of this token is 2633 on CoinMarketcap.
  • The token type is BEP20.

Steps to buy the coin–

  • Register yourself on any platform like Binance Exchange or Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange and buy one of the major cryptocurrencies (BTC, BNB etc.).
  • Use MetaMask Wallet to get BNB tokens.
  • Transfer the $BNB to your new MetaMask Wallet from the existing one.
  • Transfer USDT to Pancakeswap Decentralized Exchange or Altcoin Exchange.
  • Swap for Raca Coin.
  • Trade it for farming and buying other rare, valuable resources in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)–

  1. What is the value of Raca token?
  • ₹0.031939 per coin
  1. By how much has the price of this coin fallen in the last seven days?
  • By 51.78%
  1. What is the address of this cryptocurrency?
  • 0x12bb890508c125661e03b09ec06e404bc9289040
  1. What is the token type of this coin?
  • BEP20

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Final Verdict–

As a final report about this token, it can be said that Raca Coin is relatively safe to be invested, given its reviews Worldwide; but its price does face quite a change with time which makes its liquidity rate or chance of this coin is high.

Therefore, do keep in mind the risks of bitcoin scams before buying any. To learn even more about Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them, do visit.

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