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Raca Coin Price {Nov 2021} Price, Chart And How To Buy?

Here on Raca Coin Price, we tried to make your life easy in getting precis and relevant details on the crypto and its surroundings.

Do you use Facebook? Most probably, YES! But, are you aware of the new buzzword Metaverse? If NO, you are on the correct page Raca Coin Price where you will come across some other buzzwords and will understand them effortlessly by going through the background of a Worldwide available token RACA.

 Now you must be thinking about finding the other important details about RACA, don’t worry! We understand and respect your curiosity; just read the below words to achieve your information satiety about RACA. 

What is RACA?

 It is the native cryptocurrency of Radio Caca’s universal metaverse. Here “Metaverse” is defined as the composite of multiple universes of digital reality such as online gaming, social media, virtual reality, augmented reality, and crypto-world to provide users an interactive virtual platform. And the prices like Raca Coin Price and many other decisions are taken democratically through a decentralized financial system. 

Besides RACA, Radio Caca also manages a non-fungible token exclusively (NFT) called Maye Musk Mystery Box and the decentralized gaming platform GameFi for the trending virtual Meta-universe. To dig a little deeper, let’s learn about the founder info of RACA.  

Founder info:

Although the question, “Who created the RACA token?” is redundant because of the decentralized blockchain backing of the whole process. Still, our search over the web found that the USM (Universal Metaverse) Lab made this possible through their creation. Since we have very little about the RACA founder, let’s move on to the market dynamics of the token.

Raca Coin Price and Market dynamics:

  • Current Price: $0.007752
  • Price Change in 24 hours: -0.01%
  • Volume/Market Cap: 0.1149 
  • Market Cap: $1,409,721,989
  • 24 h high/low: $0.008412/$0.00716
  • 30 day high/low:$0.008931/$0.001351
  • All-time low/high: $0.0002467/$0.008931
  • Market Rank: 213
  • Market dominance: 0.05%
  • Fully diluted market cap:  $3,481,952,284.58
  • Circulating supply: 181.85B RACA
  • Total Supply: 443,478,491,084
  • Maximum supply:  442,475,501,083
  • Trading volume 24h:$164,493,193.92 

Note: The numbers mentioned above are constantly changing in nature. 

RACA benefits and reasons for being in trends:

It has almost all the basic features that a Defi token generally has to be lucrative for investors. Apart from predictable Raca Coin Price stability, we can see some other benefits for the interested investors, which are as follows:  

  • It is a wholesome game, including native crypto for trading and character games for earning playing.
  • Safety and the security of all transactions on the platform are assured.
  • It has gamified the trading process.
  • It is working in sync with the future evolving techs like Metaverse, Blockchain, Etc.

Note: To avert any heavy financial mishaps, please check the actual reality and take the platform’s experience. 

How to purchase RACA?

As per our mere look at the Radio Caca site, we found RACA token is available over multiple trading exchanges. To make your purchase compare Raca Coin Price and then make your deal. To understand the general crypto buying steps follow the below-given process.

  • Step1: Register for crypto wallet and trading on Coinbase.
  • Step2: Add Coinbase payment taken.
  • Step3: Select the RACA token by searching.
  • Step4: Pay Coinbase token for RACA tokens.
  • Step5: Check RACA coins in your wallet.

Note: The steps mentioned above may differ with exchanges.


Q1. Why is RACA token trending?

Ans. RACA is trending because a recently large number of RACA tokens worth $2.5 million have been burned by its creator for personal reasons.

Q2. What is the RACA exchange rate?

Ans. 1 RACA = $0.007752.

Final thought:

On the final note, although we can predict Raca Coin Price, RACA’s benefits are pretty reliable for investors. So, an investor needs to take a step in the crypto world by considering the volatility of its market to play safely.

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