Quintessential Word Game {April 2022} A New Approach!

We talk about the most played Quintessential Word Game in the given article. However, all the info you want to know about this game is available here.

Do you like to play mind games? Some puzzle games enhance your brain strength and increase your ability to think. Few games become more interesting and addicting as you play. 

Worldwide there are many games people use to play in their daily routine. In our research, we came across a game that looked like Wordle but it was very different from that while playing. Quintessential Word Game is an interesting game that looks like Wordle but plays like Word Scramble.

About Quintessential.

Quintessential is a word game where you have to use your brain and arrange the given alphabets in the 5 * 5 checker boxes. This game is quite similar to the wordle game. All the interface and gaming strategies look like Wordle. But the fact is that it is not played like a Wordle.

This game is played like a scrambler game where you have to arrange the alphabet in the correct order to make a meaningful word. Once you successfully make all the correct words, the box gets completely green.

Quintessential Game Like Wordle.

Although the interface of the Quintessential game looks like that of Wordle, as for every correct word, the Colour of the box changes as in Wordle, all other details like leaderboard, setting and how to play are also similar to Wordle.

But the truth is this game is not played like Wordle because, in Wordle, you have to guess the correct word from the given clue, but in Quintessential, you have to rearrange the alphabet to make a sensible word. So this game is not a Wordle, but yes, it does look like one.

How can you play a Quintessential Word Game?

You can play this game on its official website. Where you will find 5 * 5 checker boxes in which random alphabets are filled. So now you have to guess the correct word that makes sense and rearrange the alphabet so that you can make 5 words in a horizontal line. You can rearrange these letters by swapping or dragging them to different positions.

The difficult part of this game is that you can solve this puzzle in a minimum of 8 moves, but the more chances you take, the ranking on the leaderboard will decrease. Quintessential Game Like Wordle: Colour changing of boxes also help you make the correct word.


Quintessential is a very interesting game. A huge crowd of people are playing this game online. It is a very technical game, and this game improves your quality of thinking.

Have you ever played this game? If yes/no, write down your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, mention your reviews regarding this game. Moreover, everything you would like to know about the Quintessential Word Game is in this article. For more info, visit.

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