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Quiero Agua Twitter Video: Check Full Details On Ghost Rider Reddit

We bring to you extensively consolidated facts unavailable elsewhere about Ghost Rider Quiero Agua Twitter Video and Reddit to know its content and availability.

Did you come across the viral video on social media that was released by Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel(CJNG)? The CJNG footage terrorized people Worldwide. Why did the Quiero Agua video go viral on Twitter and Reddit? Let’s check the content of Quiero Agua Twitter Video.

Content of Quiero Agua Twitter Video:

The video is about a victim of Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación, also famous as Los Mata Zetas (or) Jalisco New Generation Cartel, commended by one of the world’s most-wanted toxic substances lords Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes. 

Twitter includes several blogs related to Quiero Agua footage, where the viewers advised netizens not to access the video as it showed extreme violence. The Twitter pages did not include the video clips but just blogs by the people who watched them.

The screen recording of the video showed that a victim(male) was ruthlessly beaten up and flaying the living skin on his face!

Quiero Agua Reddit presence:

Several Reddit pages, including @r/DontWakeme and @r/cuban_vibes that posted the Quiero Agua footage were banned by the Reddit administrator. After the Quiero Agua footage went viral, netizens created memes involving the keywords posted on pictures showing angry and shocking reactions of Spiderman, Spartan King Leonidas, women throwing bottles of water in anguish, funny facial expressions of toddles asking for water, Etc.

The video showed members of the CJNG gang getting hold of the victim’s hair and asking him how he felt. The victim said that he wanted water to drink. Hence, this footage became popular as Quiero Agua’s video, which in the Spanish language translates to – I want water.

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Quiero Agua Ghost Rider title:

The facial skin of the live victim was cut from the hairline of the forehead to his lower chin. The eyebrows, apples of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, hollows of the cheeks, cupid’s bow, and the chin showed red meat, giving a ghostly look. It was also because, without the eyelids, the eyeballs appeared to be pooping out, giving an impression of a skull looking at someone with angry/terrifying eyes. 

Due to such looks, the Quiero Agua footage also became popular as a Ghost Rider video, as the face of the victim looked red(the color of live meat) with an outline of a skull similar to the famous character in the film Ghost Rider! 

Circulation of Quiero Agua Ghost Rider:

Additionally, as the video featured CJNG members dressed up like clowns, it was hashtagged as #ClownAssassin, #TheCartelKillerClown, and #ClownSuitKills.

The Quiero Agua video went viral online and on social media six days ago on 30th/September/2023. A 00:00:25 seconds uncensored video was posted on 15th/September/2023 on one of the scare websites – @h/gore pages. 

However, the initial video is a screen recording of the original video being played on a PC monitor. The initial video was showcased on was popular for providing highly violent and real-life videos, photos, and news) approximately three years ago. Quiero Agua Reddit and Twitter videos dose not exist.

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Quiero Agua was filmed in municipality of Cotilia in state of Myciocano. Victim was eventually murdered and thrown at an undisclosed location. His body was discovered few days after his murder. Exact date of filming video by CJNG is unknown. Quiero Agua video is 0.88 MB in size for a standard definition clip and is available publicly on a few scare websites only.

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