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Quem Ganhou Ilhados Com a Sogra: Details On Que Ganhou – Check Out!

Read this article to know about Quem Ganhou Ilhados Com a Sogra and information about Que Ganha of the show in a detailed manner

Are you a person who loves to watch interesting reality shows? Then, did you get yourself updated with Quem Ganhou Ilhados Com a Sogra news, which is going viral all over the Brazil region?

Are you teaming up with Nery or Sassone? Who won this season? It is time to reveal the winner. But in order to know the details of it, every reader should read the whole article for more exciting updates.

Quem Ganhou Ilhados Com a Sogra news

Here, the term “Quem Ganhou” refers to “who won,” and the term “Ilhados Com a Sogra” refers to the Netflix reality show. So, it is who is the winner of the Ilhados Com a Sogra show. On October 16, 2023, the last episode of season 1 was released. The winner of this season is team Nery, which consists of member Maria Eliane Ribeiro(mother-in-law) and Francine and Rodrigo (a couple). Second place goes to team Sassone, which consists of Maria do Socorro Sassone (mother-in-law), Felipe, and Marcos Vinicius (couple).

Ilhados Com a Sogra Que Ganhou

Ilhados Com a Sogra is a Brazilian Netflix reality show that premiered on October 9, 2023. This show is all about how six couples search for their grand cash prize of 500 thousand reais on a beautiful coastal island with the help of their mother-in-law. While searching for the grand prize, how the relationship of the mother-in-law with their respective son-in-law and daughter-in-law developed was all about the show.

Recently, the season finale was released, and the Ilhados Com a Sogra Que Ganhou keyword got trending. The viewers were excited to know the results, and the winner was Maria Eliane Ribeiro and her team. But in this season, one mother-in-law stole the hearts of a million people in Socorro with her kind and friendly attitude towards her.

Son-in-law Felipe Even though Soco didn’t receive first place, she won the richest prize, which is the love of a million people.

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Quem Ganha Ilhados Com a Sogra updates

Even this keyword refers to the winner of the Ilhados Com a Sogra show, and we have already discussed the winner. Let us see about the team that got third place and other places this season.

Team Tenorio comprises Severina Tenório (mother-in-law) and the couple Mayara and Thy Cesar; they hold the third position. Team Castro, composed of Rogéria Castro and the couple Thais and Rodrigo, got eliminated on the 2nd. And the team Dunker got eliminated in this season first. Team Dunker has Márcia Regina and the couple Thiago and Silvia.

Who are the participants?

Quem Ganha Ilhados Com a Sogra news is trending all over the internet, but it is not the right way to celebrate only the winners; taking part in the game itself is a first step to victory. Thus, let us see all the participants in Ilhados Com a Sogra.

  • Team Donatti: Maria Cristina, Ana Luiza, and Antonio
  • Team Dunker: Márcia Regina, Thiago, and Silvia
  • Team Castro: Rogéria Castro, Thais, and Rodrigo
  • Team Tenorio: Severina Tenório, Mayara, Mayara and Thy Cesar
  • Team Sassone: Maria do Socorro Sassone, Felipe, and Marcos Vinicius
  • Team Nery: Maria Eliane Ribeiro, Francine, and Rodrigo

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Quem Ganhou Ilhados Com a Sogra is the biggest hit show in the Brazilian region. In addition to that, this show’s presenter, Fernanda Souza, also did a very good job, and many people praised her presenting skills. Presently, season 1 has ended, but Netflix will definitely come out with another season of Ilhados Com a Sogra. So, until then, let us cheer for our season 1 winners.

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