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Queen Of Oz Bbc Review: What Is Queen of Oz? Where Was Queen of Oz Filmed? Check Complete Details Here

The post tells details on the recently released sitcom series Queen of Oz BBC Review. Know the honest reviews here.

Have you watched Queen of OZ? Do you want to know its reviews? Queens of OZ is a television sitcom that premiered on BBC. People from the United Kingdom and other countries are excited to know the reviews of this British sitcom. Several people watched it on BBC on 16 June. Those who haven’t watched the first episode of this series can have reviews in this post.

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Reviews of Queen of OZ

The Queen of OZ is directed by Catherine Tate. Catherine is also playing the role of Princess Georgiana who belongs to the British Royal Family. As per the social media reviews, the reviews of this sitcom series are not satisfactory as many people did not find the sitcom series funny. The online sources state that the series starts when Princess Georgiana vomits on a student while a school visit.

The solution from the place is to send her to Australia. Further, Georgiana was made queen of Australia. As per online sources, the supporting performers in the series were funnier and better at acting.

Is Queen of Oz worth watching?

As per the reviews of Queen of OZ on online websites and social media accounts the series is not funny. Several people have watched the premier of this series but did not find it good. Many viewers of the series tweeted that they used to be one of their favorite comedians but after watching Queen of OZ, they did not find her funny.

Some of Catherine’s fans have praised the series and stated that there are some great lines. As per the social media reviews, the majority of the viewers state that the sitcom is unworthy to watch. The Twitter accounts are filled with several tweets reviewing the series. 

Queen of OZ: Starring 

Queen of Oz includes many talented actors. The Queen of OZ series are Catherine Tate, Daniel Lapaine, Robert Coleby, Rob Collins, Anthony Brandon Wong, and William McKenna. The series is written by Jeff Gutheim, Catherine Tate, Aschlin Ditta, and Zoe Norton Lodge. 

Disclaimer: The post review the newly launched series. The reviews are obtained with the help of an online review website and several social media platforms. We have not reviewed the series from our perspective instead all the reviews are taken from online sources only. Interested viewers can watch the series on BBC One.

The series has been watched by thousand of viewers but many among them did not find it a comedy series. It premiered on BBC One and BBC I Player on 16 June 2023. Catherine Tate has written this play and is also one of the Cast members. 

In a nutshell

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What Queen of Oz?: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Queen of QZ? 

Ans. Queen of OZ is a sitcom series written by Catherine Tate and some other famous artists. 

Q2. When was Queen of OZ launched?

Ans. Queen of OZ was launched on 16 June 2023. 

Q3. Where to watch Queen of OZ?

Ans. You can watch Queen of OZ on BBC One or BBC I Player.

Q4. What are the reviews of Queen of OZ?

Ans. The widely known sitcom series was expected to be funnier by the audience. The majority of the viewers did not find the series funny.

Q5. Where Was Queen of Oz Filmed?

Ans. The Queen of OZ was filmed in Sydney.

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