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Quebec Police Death: Who Stabbed & Killed Him? When Will Be Funeral? Has Police Officer Found Any Evidence? Check Details Here!

This Quebec Police Death article discloses the cause of the death of the experienced officer. We shed some light on the in-depth knowledge of the officer.

Did numerous police officers have been killed in this varied scenario? Do you know who got killed recently? It was a Quebec police officer who a suspect shattered. Do you know the name of that police officer? 

The Public of Canada, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom are violent after the frequent death in police forces. Quebec Police Death had boomed more fire that circulated among the furious public. The police death is never ending, and hence people are concerned about the safety of the common public.


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Police Death of Quebec, How did she die?

Maureen Breau is a lady police officer who died in the incident. A suspect in Louisville near Trois Riviers knifed her. The police department stated that Police forces planned to reach the suspect’s residence for arrest. 

During the attempt to arrest the suspect, Sgt. Maureen Breau got fatally Stabbed and died. The incident took place around 8:30 pm on 27th March 2023.  

Radio Canada sources confirmed that a suspect in this incident is Isaac Brouillard Lessard. He was shot and dead by two other police officers who arrived on the scene.

More Data on Maureen Breau’s Obituary!

Maureen Breau got Killed this Monday at 8:30 pm. Her family had not released her obituary details. But people are eager to know about its information to share their heartfelt condolence and respect towards her service. 

Maureen Breau Family

We know that our readers are looking for Maureen Breau’s family details. So, our expertise started looking for and researching deeply into the sources. However, we did not know about her parents and more. Many people stated that they experienced disheartening after the loss. Her Funeral information is not publicized. 

Is Maureen Breau married?

Sergent Maureen Breau has been working with the police department for a long time. The reports from Patrice Cardinal, a chief inspector, stated that she was married to a provincial police officer. However, we failed to find the name of her husband. 

The records having her details are not revealed by the Police department. Further, we spent more in our research acquiring knowledge for the Maureen Breau wiki. Let us check the details that we acquired.

Maureen Breau Wiki

Complete name Sgt. Maureen Breau
Age Early 40
Birth date unknown
Birth place unknown
Profession SQ officer
Service 20  years
Married Yes
Children Two
Parents Unknown
Nationality Canadian

Many personal details of Maureen Breau are missing on the internet. We will be updating it on our site soon. So be connected with us for a long time. The witness pointed out some essential facts regarding the Officer’s death. It supported the investigation officials in further inquiry.

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The death of the Quebec Police shocked much of the public. People are disheartened and concerned about their safety. Loss of Maureen Breau, an experienced and brave officer, is huge. 

What do you want to state from this loss? Please share with us in the comments.

Quebec Police Death: FAQs

Q1. How many officers were killed in the incident?

One was killed, and one was injured. 

Q2. Did the suspect get arrested?

No, the suspect was shot dead by the officials.

Q3. Who is investigating the death of Maureen Breau?

SPVM (Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal) and BEI (Breau of enquêtes indépendantes) are investigating the case. 

Q4. Why did the officials trap the suspect?

The suspect was in a run with law enforcement.

Q5. What charges does the suspect have?

Multiple assaults and expressing threats.

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