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Quavo Death Video:Explore Details Of Viral Video Of Quavo And Takeoff Death On Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, And Instagram Social Page!

This post on Quavo Death Video will show you the latest update on the shooting held in the Bowling Alley where the Migos trio was present.

Do you know about the shooting that took place in Billiards and Bowling Houston? Who died during the shooting? The latest news on this shooting revealed that the famous rapper Takeoff died in this shoot. But, some are talking about Quavo Death Video as the fans in Nigeria, the United States, South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom are misconception and talked if Quavo died during this shooting or not. 

So, this post will reveal the true and real updates of this shooting. Kindly stay tuned with us till the end.


Death Video of Quavo

The death video and photos of Takeoff went viral on several platforms like Reddit and in this video, we can see Quavo helping Takeoff when he was lying in blood on the floor. Quavo is not injured during this shooting. He is fine but some people are mistaken and thought if Quavo died. 

Quavo And Takeoff Death

Was he Takeoff or Quavo who died in the shooting? Quavo is safe and not injured during this shooting. He was Takeoff who died during this shoot. The video and graphics went viral on Twitter. There were two other victims in this shooting who were immediately taken to hospital. The identities of these victims are still not disclosed.

Testimonial of Quavo

Real name Quavious Keyate Marshall
Other Names Huncho
Date of Birth April 2, 1991
Place of Birth  Athens, Georgia
Is he dead? No
Net worth $26 million
Occupation  Rapper, songwriter, singer
Partner Saweetie (2018-2021)
Mother’s Name Edna Marshall
Father’s Name Unavailable 

The News Viral On Reddit

The news of the shooting that took place in Billiards and Bowling Alley went viral everywhere on Reddit and other platforms. People and fans started sharing the death video. However, the video was quite disturbing as we could see Takeoff lying on the floor in blood. Quavo was screaming and trying to help but he was already dead. As per the police report, they said that Takeoff was dead while two other victims were taken for treatment in a private vehicle. The information on the culprits is not released. Police are investigating the matter and trying to find the shooters. 


The News Viral On Reddit

On Twitter, the video shows the pain of Quavo when he was screaming for Takeoff.

How are they linked to Migos?

Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff are the composers of the trio rap group, Migos. They founded this Hip Hop group in 2008. Their first commercial debut was released in 2013, ‘Versace’ and it opened the door to many new opportunities. 

Who were the other two members of the shooting? 

As per the police statement, they have not revealed the identity of the other two victims. They said that their identities will be revealed only if their families allow it. These two victims are not shown anywhere on Telegram or any other platform.

Relationship between Quavo and Takeoff

As per online sources, Takeoff was the nephew of Quavo. They are also connected via their Hip Hop rapping group, Migos. These two were joined by his cousin Offset. All three members were raised by Quavo’s mother Edna Marshall.


Our team has provided all valuable details on the shooting that took place in Houston. One can check more updates on Quavo here.

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Quavo Death Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When did this shooting report?

Ans. The shooting took place on November 1, 2022, at 2:30 a.m.

Q2. How many shots were fired?

Ans. According to members present during the shooting, a total of 5 gunshots were fired.

Q3. Was Takeoff dead on the spot?

Ans. As per reports, Takeoff died on the spot. He was shot in the head and neck. 

Q4. Is anyone else died in the shooting?

Ans. As per online sources, no other person died during the shooting. Two persons were injured and were taken for medical treatment in a vehicle.

Q5. How many followers did Quavo has on Instagram?

Ans. Quavo Huncho has 22.1 million followers on his IG account.

Q6. Is Quavo dead? 

Ans. No, he has not been injured during this shooting. He is safe and fine.

Q7. What is net worth of Quavo?

Ans. He has a net worth of $ 26 million in 2022.

Q8. Was Quavo present with Takeoff during the shooting?

Ans. Yes, Offset and he, both were present with Takeoff.

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