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Quardle Com {Mar 2022} Keen To Know About It – Go Ahead!

Please read this account to get complete information about Quardle Com, an online gaming platform involving word puzzles and guesses based on color codes.

Do you have confidence in your English vocabulary? Are you adept at playing word games? Have you tried the online crossword and puzzles related to language? Then, please read on as you will find this report useful.

In this article, we have covered details about a word-game website. Language enthusiasts from numerous countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Australia, want to gain complete information about it. Thus, please read till the end to get all necessary details regarding Quardle Com.

What is Quardle?

Quardle is a by-product of the famous word-game Wordle. Josh Wardle created this game in collaboration with The New York Times Company. The game was released in October 2021 and involves the guessing of words. The gameplay of Wordle has similarities with the game of Word Mastermind.  

Due to its growing popularity, developers have introduced many spin-offs of Wordle. Some of them are Absurdle, Nerdle, Lewdle, Sweardle, etc. Quardle is also one of these adaptations. Like the other variants, Quardle also has some changes compared to Wordle. These alterations increase the game’s difficulty level and make it more exciting. 

About Quardle Com

Quardle Com is the website where players can indulge in this game. If you search the website in your browser, a dark mode screen shall open. You can view the words of the day here that you need to solve. Below the puzzle, you can find the virtual Qwerty keypad. 

The website has three links in the form of symbols. On the top-right corner, the left icon links to the user’s statistics. This includes the score and the guess distribution of the player. The right symbol corresponds to the display settings. It has the toggle options of dark mode, colorblind mode, and scrollbar. 

The top-left corner of the Quardle Com webpage is the Help section. It mentions the gaming instructions to solve the puzzle and guess the four words. The developers have explicitly mentioned the color-coding in this section for easy comprehension. 

How To Play Quardle?

A new puzzle is available each day to solve four five-letter words. We have mentioned below the steps to play this interesting word game.

  • Select the digit from 1 to 4 to choose the word you would like to guess.
  • Enter the predicted word and click on Enter.
  • The word tiles shall change according to a color-coding that the Quardle Com developers have designed.
  • For example, if a guessed letter is present in the word but in another place, the tile will become blue. Similarly, there are different colors for different combinations. 
  • Based on the colors, you can retain or change your guess.
  • Players can guess at most for twelve times. However, gamers get a bonus guess for each word guessed correctly for the first three times. Thus, the maximum number of guesses is fifteen. 


Quardle is a gripping game, and users are fascinated while playing it. Moreover, a new puzzle is available every day on Quardle Com, maintaining the players’ brainstorming habit. You may want to read about Wordle, the inspiration behind this game. 

Did you play Quardle recently? What was your guessing ability? Please share with us below. 

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