Qredo Token (June) Announcing The Sale On CoinList!

Qredo Token (June) Announcing The Sale On CoinList!

Qredo Token (June) Announcing The Sale On CoinList! >> Want to know about a token that is for sale? Want to register? Read the below post.

Do you want to know about a Crypto that is for sale? This is the first time community can acquire this token? Curious to know? Then you have landed in the right place. Stay tuned with us till the end for all the crucial information.

Crytpo fever and hype is Worldwide; people will often search for the best currency that brings great returns in the future. Qredo Token is one such versatile coin you are looking for. Keep reading. 

About Qredo Crypto

It is a re-architecting digital fortune leadership and blockchain connectivity. An entirely new perspective to bring capital efficiency and liquidity to the blockchain economy.

This progress allows Qredo to offer solve industries’ biggest problem and decentralized custody. People Worldwide want to know Qredo sales; everything is covered in this guide.

Mission of Qredo

Qredo works as the most advanced Blockchain and cybersecurity by employing the newest innovations in digital money and also with a technology called a distributed ledger. It drop-ship a sturdy global network for trading and securing digital assets.

Qredo’s main mission is to create an open network for all and make it decentralized groundwork for visionaries and pioneers. 

Founder of Qredo Token

When we searched on its official site to see who founded the Qredo coin, surprisingly, there are plenty of team names, including CEO, technologist, and many more. However, we have named few important names here:

  • Anthony Foy – CEO
  • Duncan Payne-Shelly – CFO
  • Josh Goodbody – COO
  • Clarence Sittampalam – Chief Design Officer
  • Brian Spector – chief product and technology officer
  • Ben Whitby – Regulatory Affairs

And many more experienced staff in business development team and as technologists.

Qredo Coin Price and Market Supply

Any investors would see Crypto’s current price and other statistics before investing in it. As a result, we searched for its current details but found no information about Qredo Token Price, its max supply, total supply, and many crucial data. However, it is in the news recently for a reason. Want to know? So, stay connected. 

Qredo Sale on CoinList

It announced a token sale on its official social network handles that starts on July 8 on its official partner CoinList. Details about the sale is given here:

  • Registration is open now and lasts till July 6, 00:00 UTC.
  • Two options available register whichever you want to.
  • Option 1 Sale Starts July 8, 17:00 UTC.
  • Option 2 Sale Starts July 8, 23:00 UTC.
  • This first opportunity for the community to take Qredo Token.
  • There is no sale on any other social media except CoinList; beware of frauds.
Option 1 Option 2
Date July 8, 17:00 UTC
  • July 8 2021, 23:00 UTC
Price $0.50 per token $0.225 per token
Min/Max $100 min, $500 max $100 min, $1,000 max
Cliff 2 months 6 months
  • 0 months
12 months at weekly intervals
Supply 30M tokens 10M tokens

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Qredo Coin?

A1. The official website of Qredo is https://www.qredo.com/about. You visit the same place for more information.

Q2. How to participate in the Qredo Token sale?

A2. Visit the place here and register to participate in the sale– 

The Bottom Line

Above are the complete details about the Qredo sale; suppose you want to register, hurry up. Registration already started and ends on July 6. We hope our guide helped you to understand in detail. Same news is announced on its official Twitter handle go and visit it for more information

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Do you still have any doubts about Qredo Token? Please write it in the below comments section.

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