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Qanx Coin (Nov) Price, Contract Address, Prediction!

This article provides information regarding the Qanx Coin and all the necessary details required for the investment purpose. So please give it a read.

Are you aware that cryptocurrencies are taking over the market in different countries like Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and many more? As a result, you will find a great number of cryptocurrencies that are present in the market. 

This article will talk about Qanx Coin and tell you how this token is different from other existing cryptocurrencies in the market. Also, we will tell you about the Qan platform and its partnered companies. So, let’s get it started.

What is a QANX token?

Qanx token is the utility token of the platform called Qan platform. Qan platform is a Quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform in which you can get to know about smart contracts, Dapps, Defi Solutions, NFTs and many other kinds of stuff.

You can find the announcements of the Qanx token and Qan platform on their official Twitter channel, in which they will update their investor about the airdrop and change the price of the token. 

Who is the founder of Qanx Coin?

The co-founder and chief technology offer of Qan are Johann Polecsak, and the head of the cryptocurrency which handles all the things related to the Qanx token is Silur (Endre Abraham). On the official site of the Qan Platform, you will be able to get all the information regarding the team of the Qanx token. 

Along with the name of the founder and Co-founder, you can also read about them and see how they become successful and how they are developing the Qan Platform. 

Price Chart of Qanx token

  • Price- $0.1451
  • Price change- $0.03672
  • 24H low- $0.0921
  • 24H high- $0.1902
  • Trading volume- $22,931,301.28

Qanx token market supply/coin supply

  • Total supply of Qanx Coin: 3,333,333,000
  • Max supply- 3,333,333,000
  • Circulating supply- 656,927,173.87
  • Contract address- 0xaaa7a10a8ee237ea61e8ac46c50a8db8bcc1baaa
  • Market Rank- #2760
  • Fully diluted capital- $512,464, 930.91

Who are the existing partners of the Qan Platform?

Qan Platform is an established platform that offers Qanx tokens and other benefits to its partners. However, you will find that many partners are connected with the Qan platform like:

  • Coingecko
  • Dext
  • PanCakeSwap
  • Uniswap

The companies mentioned above are partnered with the Qanx token to publish their coin status and other factors that attract other investors. There are some companies too that are connected with Qanx Coin, which promotes the platform in digital media like:

  • Forbes
  • Yahoo.com
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Investing.com
  • MarketWatch 
  • Coindesk
  • Bitcoin.com
  • Blockonomi
  • CryptoDaily

How to get Qanx Token?

To get the Qanx token, you need to visit the official site of the Qan Platform and then you will be able to see the different platform that offers the Qanx token. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • The coins are available on different platforms like PanCakeSwap and Uniswap.
  • First of all, you need to create a digital wallet on the exchange platform. 
  • After that, log in to the exchange website.
  • Enter the contract address of Qanx Coin, and you will get the information regarding the coin like price and other factors. 
  • Enter the amount which you want to exchange or buy.
  • Verify your information and click on the swap option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: What is the Market Rank of the Qanx token?

A: The Market rank of the Qanx token is #2760. You can check the status of the token price.

Question2: What is the total supply of Qanx tokens?

A: The total supply of Qanx tokens is around 3,333,333,000. 

Wrapping it up

After collecting all the information regarding Qanx Coin, we can conclude that this token and Wan platform is growing with trusted companies. Therefore, the qanx token is a good choice for the investor to invest in. 

You can share your views about the Qan Platform in the comment section below and check here if you want to know the best cryptocurrency trading apps

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