Pyram Token 2021.

Pyram Token (July 2021) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Pyram Token (July 2021) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction >> In this article, we will study a new cryptocurrency launched on BNB smart chain.

People worldwide are getting fascinated by Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies, due to which the craze of cryptocurrencies has risen in countries like the Philippines. There are several new digital coins like Pyram Token, which are being launched as an investment option.

These tokens are getting popular every day, and people are investing in them to make vast amounts of profit. Here in this topic, we will read about the Pyram digital currency and provide you will all the essential details you need to know about this currency.

What Is Pyram Digital Coin?

It is a new digital currency that has been launched on the BNB or Binance blockchain. This coin goes by the address name of TBC and runs on the BEP20 smart chain. This digital currency consists of three contracts: Pyram referral, Pyram token, and Pyram Master.

Details Of Pyram Token:

The information related to the pyram digital coin are listed below. Go through this information to know more about this token.

  • Price of the Pyram coin- 0.00USD
  • Market Cap of Pyram coin- 0.00USD
  • Total supply of Pyram coin- 25,000,000 Pyram 
  • Social profiles of Pyram coin- not available
  • Total transfers of Pyram coin- 15,486
  • Total holders- 3145 addresses in total.
  • Contract address of the Pyram coin- 0xedecfb4801c04f3eb394b89397c6aafa4adda15b
  • Total decimals of Pyram coin- 18

Additional Presales Details About Pyram Coin:

The additional details related to the presales of Pyram Token are listed below:

  • Initial mint- 25,000,000PYRAM coin
  • Soft cap- 1000 BNB
  • Hard cap of pyram coin- 2000BNB
  • Minimum buy- 0.2BNB
  • Maximum buy- 3.5BNB
  • Presales Price of Pyram coin- 1BNB= 6666PYRAM
  • The listing price of Pyram coin- 1BNB=6000Pyram.

Pyram Coin Contracts Addresses:

There are three contract addresses of the pyram coin, which we have listed below.

  • The Pyram Token contract address-0xedeCfB4801C04F3EB394b89397c6Aafa4ADDa15B.
  • The Pyram Referral contract addresses-0x65351683a369D1A7BbFA99E8cf55E581a1107D7D.
  • The Pyram Mater Contract Address- 0x3e91B21ddE13008Aa73f07BdE26970322Fe5D533.

How To Buy Pyram Digital coin?

Here we have listed the steps which you need to follow to purchase the Pyram Token. But, first, go through these steps listed below.

  • First, we have to buy tokens from the BNB or Binance smart chain.
  • Then, we need to create a wallet so that we can trade all our tokens.
  • Then, we need an exchange platform so that we can exchange the coins.
  • Then, we need to store the coins in our wallets.
  • And then, in the last step, we need to store the coins.

Know here in detail about the meaning of the term Presales:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) what is the pyram coin’s current Price?

Answer) the current live Price of the pyram coin is 0.00USD

Q2) what is the total supply of Pyram coins?

Answer) the total supply of pyram coins is 25,000,000.

Q3) what is the total transfers of this coin?

Answer) the total transfer is around 15,486.


This article discussed Pyram Token, a new cryptocurrency consisting of three contracts and runs on a BEP20 Binance chain. In addition, this article provides you with a detailed study of the pyram digital coin. Know here about which are the best app which we can use for cryptocurrency trading:

Have you ever recently bought a new crypto coin? If yes, then share your experience about it.

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