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Pvu Extra Tools {Sep} Coin Price, Chart, How To Buy?

Yet another NFT game, Plants Vs Undead, has become the best game in the world due to Pvu Extra Tools and current price. Find the facts here.

The trend of investing and buying Crypto tokens has been increasing day by day Worldwide since people are generating the best income. Thus, people like you looking for the best platform that helps you earn some good money. So, if you are highly interested, read this entire post on the new NFT game Plant Vs Undead to create tokens.

Pvu is quite similar to Plant Vs zombies, but it has extensive Pvu Extra Tools that make your game addictive and profitable. So, let us know the facts of the Pvu game.

About Plant Vs Undead Game (PVU)

If you have ever played Plant Vs Zombies, you entirely relate to this new game, PVU. Plant Vs Undead includes spin-off and borrowing elements that will make your gaming experience exciting and addictive. However, the entire concept is roughly based on PVZ but with new upgrades.

The game is about building an army of plants that help you take out monsters from the garden, and in return, you will earn points on Pvu Extra Tools. The player’s goal is to cartel the plants with new blockchain technology. The more you become perfect, the more you would increase the chances of victory

PVU Token Price:

  • Price of the token – $3.47
  • Token name- PVU
  • Market capital- $51,878,134
  • Market Dominance- 0.00%
  • Diluted Validation- $1,041,539,713
  • 24 hour Trading volume- $18,761.,475
  • 24H low- $2.35-$3.83
  • 24H high- $2.38- $8.73

PVU supply chain/ market supply

  • Circulating supply- 14,942,723
  • Total supply- 300,000,000
  • Maximum supply- 300, 000, 000
  • Market Rank- #547

Who is the founder of the PVU game and Pvu Extra Tools?

Dinn Quy Tran is the founder of the Plant Vs Undead game who brought his love towards plants in the first game called plant vs zombies. We have analysed its official website and found additional members (team) involved in this game. Let’s see:

  • Art director- Toss Vu
  • SMC Developer- Pgam Van Duy
  • Unity Developer- Cao Tuong
  • Web Developer-Vinh Pham
  • Animator-Taun Bean
  • Artist-Bich Bich
  • Marketing manager- Ngo Nhat Anh

By reading this info, we find this site is safe to use. However, for more details, keep reading on Pvu Extra Tools.

PVU Price and Predictions

Before investing in crypto tokens, it is necessary to do thorough research. It eventually unveils that Pvu is a great token to invest in. As per the coin market cap, in the 24 hours, the cost of PVU token has increased, and the market rank of this coin is #547. 

How to shop for this tool? 

To achieve the goal, players have to acquire some tools. So visit the shop by tapping on the pink button, which is left on the screen to add Pvu Extra Tools.

How to Buy this token?

  1. Go to MetaMask Wallet 
  2. Then connect it with the BSC network
  3. Invest in your BSC wallet using BNB tokens
  4. Now swap the token BNB to PVU tokens
  5. Add PVU tokens to your wallet

For the complete guide on buying and selling PVU tokens, read here.


Q1- Who is the founder of the PVU token?

The founder of the PVU token is Dinn Quy.

Q2- What is the current price of PVU?

It is $3.49.


Pvu Extra Tools and its more features are captivating for Worldwide players. This is why the demand for PVU tokens has increased with a value of $3.49. So, currently, it is one of the best tokens available to you for investment purposes. 

Do you find this token safe for investment? Please share your answers in the comment box.

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