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Pvu Coin Price (July) How to Buy? Chart, Prediction

Pvu Coin Price (July) How to Buy? Chart, Prediction >> Do you want the details of the in-game currency of Plant vs. Undead? Read the content here.

Are you interested in playing virtual games that can offer you crypto tokens? From the time the NFT game has entered the crypto world, a huge contribution of people in the investment of crypto tokens can be seen. 

Worldwide the craze of defeating and earning exciting rewards has grabbed everyone’s attention. So, to introduce you to another NFT game and its in-game currency, we are here with today’s article.

Let’s explore Plant vs. undead and know its supply, market cap, and Pvu Coin Price. Stay tuned with us if you want to add this crypto to your wallet.

What is a Pvu token?

It is an in-game currency of Plant Vs. Undead that allows its gamers to purchase seeds and plants in the marketplace. The major asset is seeds which are required to upgrade the level in the game. Not only that, you can send Pvu to friends through chats and exchange it with NFT assets. Isn’t it interesting?

This play-to-earn game offers different game modes, which excites people to know Pvu Coin Price. For example, if the user has more plants, they will be provided with more solar energy. As a result, your gateways to play rewarding game modes are opened. It is a major aspect of the Plant Vs. Undead.

Founders of Pvu

At present, no details of the founder and other team members are shared by the official website. Thus, investors need to wait for some time to know the CEO of the token. 

However, you can visit its social media accounts as it is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to know token’s popularity.

Pvu Coin Price and Tokenomics

  • Price of Plant Vs. Undead – $17.66
  • Trading volume – $16.38 M
  • All-time high – $18.94
  • Price change in 24 hours – $7.3972
  • Percentage of ATH – 93.18%
  • Total Supply – 3000000000
  • Market cap – $5291315088
  • Seven days Price Prediction- Unavailable

Live Price and Market Data

The current price of Plant Vs. Undead is $17.57. The value of the token is increased up to 71% from the last 24 hours. 

With a trading volume of $16.45 million, the coin was 100% transparent for all the holders. Putting in the Pvu Coin Price on Pancakeswap, most investors are using this platform to purchase the coin.

How to buy the Pvu token?

The token is easily accessible on the top crypto trading platforms like Binance Smart Chain and Poo coin. One can also purchase the coin through a third party or agents. However, we are mentioning certain steps that can add the token to your wallet. 

  • Create your account on any trustworthy wallet, either Metamask or Trustwallet.
  • Sign in and purchase a Binance coin that can help you in exchanging the token. Transfer the amount to your wallet.
  • Now visit DApps and search Pancakeswap.
  • As you are aware of Pvu Coin Price, it would be easy for you to do transactions.
  • Connect your wallet and put the contract address.
  • At last, swap to get the currency in your wallet.

By following the steps mentioned above, anyone can easily access the in-game currency.

However, if you are curious to know the details of the profile summary and transfers of the Pvu, visit the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the unique contract address of the coin?


  • What is the official website of the Plant vs Undead?



The bottom line of the content is that Pvu Coin Price has been varying about $17.57 to $17.66. The platform will offer you exciting rewards if you complete the challenges appropriately. 

Are you interested in purchasing this token? Don’t forget to share your comments with us.

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