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Puzzle Doors Roblox Answers: Explore Complete Information On Puzzle Doors Hogwarts Legacy

This article on Puzzle Doors Roblox Answers was written to give brief information on this puzzle.

What is the Puzzle Door Roblox? Have you heard about it before? Why is everyone searching for more information about it? How did it get famous? This game is very famous Worldwide and people are crazy about it. Are you one of them? Are you finding more information about it? If yes, you have ended up in the right place as all the information will be mentioned here. So to know more about Puzzle Doors Roblox Answers kindly read this article till the very end.

What is Puzzle Doors Roblox? 

As the name suggests Puzzle Doors is an online game. Roblox Doors is a game that will have you entering a variety of different numbers and codes on your phone and you have to enter the correct numbers according to the puzzle to move further to the next level. The main objective of this game is to navigate through a series of challenging rooms which is filled with different types of puzzles. There are 86 stages in Roblox Puzzle doors at this time. Each puzzle is unique in itself. Let us find out more about it below. 

How to play Puzzle Doors? 

Puzzle Doors are a very simple yet confusing game. Whereas it is a straightforward game. People are searching for Puzzle Doors Hogwarts Legacy which will be mentioned below. To play this game you have to click on the door and enter the number, you put in the correct number you will move on to the next level, if not you will have to try again. Some rules of the game are: 1) Every door has a unique code. 2) The code is 10 digits. 3) It will always be a set of numbers only. 4) The code doesn’t repeat with other levels. 

Puzzle Doors Hogwarts Legacy 

Puzzle Doors is a pretty famous game that has managed to gain attention from people all around the globe. It is a great source of cerebral exercise. The Hogwarts Legacy puzzle is a very interesting puzzle where the puzzle doors are hidden all over Hogwarts castle. As you explore the school you need to find puzzles hidden over there. Some of the latest answers for puzzle door and Roblox are mentioned below. 

Roblox Puzzle Doors Stage and Level Answers

  • Level 1 – 9834
  • Level 2 – 51011
  • Level 3 – 5624
  • Level 4 – 7446
  • Level 5 – 3246
  • Level 6 – 5643
  • Levels 7 – 10
  • Level 8 – 3897
  • Level 9 – 6502
  • Level 78 – 6321
  • Level 79 – 677
  • Level 80 – 23
  • Level 81 – 1041
  • Level 82 – 90
  • Level 83 – 636
  • Level 84 – 183
  • Level 85 – 131072
  • Level 86 – End… for now. 


As we have read above about Puzzle Doors Roblox Answers. We found that Roblox is one of those games which is highly appreciated and recommended by players. It is a very good exercise for our brain as well. To know more about these answers kindly click on this link 

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