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Purdue Professor Arrested 2023: Check Student Reaction And Sergey Macheret Rate My Professor

In Purdue Professor Arrested 2023 news, we will discuss how and why he has been arrested and what his students say.

Have you heard the news about a notable professor at Purdue University? What happened to him? Why are people across the United States talking about him? Why has he been arrested, and what are the charges against him?

If you are also looking for answers to such questions, let us discuss them in our post and learn how Purdue Professor Arrested 2023.


What is the latest news?

A professor from Purdue University named Sergey Macheret was arrested on 1st February 2023. According to Lafayette Police Department, in the report, it was said that a suspicious man approached women. It has also been mentioned in the report that the incident increased in the last two months. However, after a month-long investigation, which began in December, he was finally arrested.


The article presented here is for information purposes. We are not making any allegations about Purdue University professors directly or indirectly.

What does Purdue University have to say in all this matter?

After the Purdue University Professor Arrested, this news broke out; the professor was barred from the campus and sent on leave. Moreover, the university is helping the police in the whole matter.

“The University cannot comment on a pending legal matter,” Bill Crossley, dean of the Purdue School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He also added that anyone could contact them if they have a query related to the impact on their academic endeavors.

Who is Sergey Macheret?

Sergey is a 65-year-old professor at Purdue University in Aeronautics and Astronautical engineering. He has been there since 2014. Police have not yet provided additional information about their investigation into Purdue Professor Arrested 2023. Additionally, police are yet to mention the locations where Macheret is said to have approached women and asked for such favors.

What are the charges against him?

After a thorough investigation, authorities finally named Macheret as a suspect. On Wednesday, they reportedly used a plainclothes officer to gather the information that resulted in a traffic stop close to the intersection of N. 18th Street and Union Street. According to the police, Macheret was arrested after this traffic stop.

Sergey Macheret is charged for reportedly selling and possessing methamphetamine and making an unlawful offer to pursue women for physical activity in exchange for cash, according to Indiana authorities.

Sergey Macheret Rate My Professor– Students reaction:

After the controversy arose, many students rated their professor about their experience on Rate My Professor website. Many said that although he is an aeronautics scholar, they have learned Chemistry from him. Also, some of them commented that they had seen him with different women every week, which was quite odd for them.


We have discussed the latest news of Sergey Macheret and why he has been arrested. We hope you find the related information in this post. Additionally, you can read here what students say about Sergey Macheret.

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Purdue Professor Arrested 2023- FAQs

Q1. Who is Sergey Macheret?

Sergey Macheret is a professor at Purdue University.

Q2. Which department professor is Sergey Macheret?

He has been Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering professor since 2014. 

Q3. What happened to him?

According to the report, he has been barred from the campus and sent on leave.

Q4. When has he been arrested?

He was arrested on 1st February 2023.

Q5. What do university students have to say about him?

Sergey Macheret Rate My Professor reactions are different from different students.

Q6. What are the charges against him?

He has been charged with selling and possessing methamphetamine. Other charges include an unlawful offer to pursing women for physical relations in exchange for cash.

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