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Ptp Crypto (January 2022) How To Buy? Contract Address

The guide shares details about the Ptp Crypto and its market analysis for the investors.   

Currently, there are plenty of first-gen DEXs available with automated market-making. But they are facing liquidity fragmentation because of the closed liquidity pool design. Platypus is launched as a game-changer that focuses on flawless asset exchanges with single-sided liquidity provision. 

As a result, it promotes long-term progression for its DApps and the entire ecosystem of Avalanche. It has the advanced StableSwap ecosystem that enlightens the description of Defi 2.0 and offers multiple benefits to Worldwide investors, including higher stability, low slippage, and better user experiences.

Let us learn more about the Ptp Crypto, its native token.  

What is PTP?

Platypus is the decentralized finance protocol backed by the Avalanche network, and it is different from the previous generation StableSwap. It covers an extra mile to devise the advanced system to rewrite the rules. The project has two primary products, incentivized liquidity provision, and StableSwap.

The platform has a native token called PTP, which acts as the token for the Platypus Finance. The token is available for staking to generate vePTP. The voting scrow token is used to enhance the rewards for the Worldwide investors who stake their stablecoins on the platform.    

With deep liquidity, Ptp Crypto has been dominating the StableSwap sphere.  

Who are the Founders of PTP?

After evaluating the official website and social media pages, we found no data on the platform’s founders, owners, and CEOs. So, we can’t disclose the people or team’s names behind this project and its native token.

However, we found that the NFT project is active on social media, and you will find the official page on Twitter and Telegram. They also have an official Discord page where investors may access some of the crucial details of the token. 

What is the Market Analysis, Price, and Supply of Ptp Crypto?

Based on the sources and data, the live value of the token is $5.69, with a hike of over 200% in the last 24 hrs. Besides, the token’s trading volume is $22 992 683 in the last 24 hours. It has registered a hike of 167.78% in the last 24 hrs.

The live market capitalization of the token is $80 233 405, and based on this; the token has secured the market ranking of #2851. The fully diluted market capitalization is $1 707 093 744.

The data of the total circulating supply of Ptp Crypto is not available. However, we found a maximum supply of 300 000 000 PTP Coins.    

How to Buy PTP?

  • Go to the TraderJoe Exchange and link your digital wallet
  • Add funds to the wallet to buy PTP
  • Search the token using the contract address 0x22d4002028f537599be9f666d1c4fa138522f9c8
  • Check the live value and price of the token before buying
  • Enter the number of coins you want to buy
  • Click on the “Swap” button to swap the funds for Ptp Crypto
  • Hold, the token for trading on the platform 


Q1. What is the Official Link of PTP?

A1. The official link to access details of the token is https://platypus.finance/

Q2. Which Contract Address Investors Must Use?

A2. The right contract address users must use is 0x22d4002028f537599be9f666d1c4fa138522f9c8

Q3. What is the Market Ranking of PTP?

A3. According to exchanges, the live market ranking of the token is #2851.


PTP is the new token launched for trading and staking on major exchanges. Platypus is the new platform launched to change the face of DeFi exchanges with low slippage and higher stability.

Investors interested in reaping benefits from the platform must invest in Ptp Crypto. But, before investing, you must learn about the Best Apps for Cryptocurrency Trading.

Do you have anything to say about the new token? Then, please share it in the comment section.

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