Psg Token Preço (Aug) How to Buy Contract Address

Psg Token Preço (Aug) How to Buy? Contract Address

Psg Token Preço (Aug) How to Buy? Contract Address >> Are you wondering what’s the latest current value of the Paris Saint Germain fan Coin? Here’s the full information for you to examine on PSG Coin.

Fan token is the digital coin that represents the evidence of ownership and membership proof. Across Brazil, people are very much into wondering about Psg Token Preço, meaning the price of Psg Coin.

In this precise guide, you will get all the answers to Psg Token and see what’s this coin is. In short, the PSG coin is a utility Coin launched for the Paris Saint Germain football club fans. The Token works on the socios app. Well, are you all thinking about buying PSG coin? If yes, you must read out the steps penned down below.

What Is PSG Coin?

PSG Coin is considered a fan of Coin. The token got issued by the Paris Saint Germain along with socios. Psg Token Preço will be disclosed soon. Scroll down 

This coin is counted as one of the Fan tokens and has proved successful in the crypto-currency world and sports. One can enjoy match tickets, offers from virtual stores, Psg Token, digital badges, chiliz bonuses and various club-specific prizes.

Together with the Paris Saint Germain fan Coin, this coin also gives advantages from various other services provided by PSG at a lesser value. In addition, it can get benefits from other special services. People can also stake PSG Coin easily.

Psg Token Preço Statistics:

  • PSG fan Coin price: R$225.49
  • Twenty-four hours price shift: R$-29.05
  • Twenty-four hours high: BRL 317.78
  • Twenty-four hours low: R$222.17
  • Twenty-four hour trading volume: BRL 3,265,382,192.83
  • Market Capitalization/ volume: 11.34
  • Market dominance: 0.00%
  • Market ranking: #461
  • Market cap: BRL 288.055,853.34
  • Fully diluted market cap: R$4,471,542,264.11

PSG Coin Real Time Price:

The current PSG fan digital coin price is R$218.50, with the trading volume data in twenty-four hours is R$3,191,201,850. The Token has seen a drop in its value by 12.86% in the past twenty-four hours. Along with Psg Token Preço, the Coin market cap rating currently shows #461. Its Market Capitalization is R$281,512,036.

Who Is The Founder Of PSG Coin?

The founder name of Paris Saint Germain Coin is not mentioned clearly on any platforms yet.

Supply Information Of PSG Coin:

  • Current circulating supply: 1,288,396.00 PSG
  • Maximum supply: 20,000,000
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000 

The ideal supply of PSG fan digital coins is 1,288,396. And it’s Maximum and total supply is 20,000,000 

How To Buy PSG Crypto Coin?

We are presenting a very short guide on purchasing PSG Coin, which is essential to know apart from examining only Psg Token Preço. Read till the end 

  1. Make your account on the platform coinbase and verify it
  2. Go to binance and create your account there too
  3. Search the Wallet address available on the Binance 
  4. From coinbase transfer Ethereum to Binance 
  5. Exchange Ethereum to get PSG fan digital coin 

If one follows these five steps correctly can easily avail PSG Coin.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What’s the full name of PSG Coin?

Ans. Paris Saint Germain Fan Coin

  1. Is this coin regarded as a fan token?

Ans. Yes

  1. What’s the total supply of PSG Coin?

Ans. 20,000,000 

For live updates of PSG Coin visit: 


Psg Token Preço information cited in the article will give you a complete overview of the Coin PSG. However, we wish the article might have helped you get all the possible facts of the token PSG you were searching for.

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