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Prysmian Group Scam: Explore Its Reviews In Finland Oy, And Marshall TX

We bring to you exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere in this Reviews of Prysmian Group Scam in Finland Oy and Marshall TX.

Did you know that though Prysmian originated in Italy, it became one of reputed world leaders in providing services in energy and telecom cable systems in Canada, with 11,854+ global employees? So, are you interested in working with Prysmian? Let’s check details on Prysmian Group Scam.

Uncovering Prysmian Group Scam:

The alert about Prysmian’s employment scam was initially posted on Reddit on 23rd/September/2023 by a user with alias @u/Traditional-Bag-1748. User posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp message sent by Shana. Shana informed that they are a recruitment agent with Prysmian Group. 

Shana informed that they are hiring individuals for different part-time and full-time roles with Prysmian. Roles were remote online jobs. Shana further requested that she may provide additional details. Screenshot suggested that message was received from country code +62, which is from Indonesia. 

Prysmian Group Finland Oy:

The user panicked as he became conscious about how some recruitment agent from Indonesia had obtained his contact number. Reddit user requested advice from Redditors on responding to message. Redditors suggested that bulk messages were received from several such recruitment agencies in northern Europe, specifically in Netherlands and Sweden.

The Redditors advised to block contact. Reddit user blocked number and updated about his action on Reddit page. It must be noted that scammers use WhatsApp platform in many ways to loot users. Prysmian Group Finland Oy is located at Kaapelitie 68, 02490 Kirkkonummi, Finland. It gained Google ratings of 4.3/5-stars from 73 user reviews.

Redditors also advised that there may have been a data breach due to which European contact numbers got leaked (or) someone from Asia had found a way of looking up European contacts.

Redditors also stated that such WhatsApp messages post about high-paying jobs and scam candidates by taking high amount of service fees. However, after taking money, such WhatsApp messages turn out to be a job scam. 

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Prysmian Group Reviews:

Not all WhatsApp messages are scams! More than 2,218 reviews of Prysmian Group on job portals rated it 3.6/5-stars. More than 100 videos and 25+ website reviews were positive.

However, in this instance of scam message, 

  • The WhatsApp screenshot showed that recruiter’s number is related to a business account,
  • Shana did not provide a link to an unauthentic website or ask user to reply with his personal and payment information via WhatsApp message,
  • As scammers send messages in bulk, they won’t get time to chat with thousands of users one-by-one. But, WhatsApp Prysmian Group Reviews of message suggested that Shana was trying to contact with Reddit user.
  • It is unknown if WhatsApp business account is related to a genuine third-party recruitment agency in contract with Prysmian Group.
  • Just with screenshot of message, Redditors speculated that message was a scam (without any evidence)

However, to avoid scams, it is a good practice not to provide personal and payment details via WhatsApp message! Prysmian Group Marshall gained Google ratings of 3.7/5-stars from 84 user reviews. The location of Prysmian Group Marshall TX, is at 9975 US-80, Scottsville, TX-75688.

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Reddit users did not inquire about any details to determine legitimacy of recruiter, and user was more concerned about how his number was obtained. Therefore, such a message could be SPAM instead of a scam until authenticity of Prysmian recruitment agent is verified. It is because there are several genuine WhatsApp messages sent by business account holders.

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