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Promises Exchanged At The Altar Nyt Crossword Clue: Lessen In Intensity!

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Have you ever played a crossword game? The mini crossword game from the New York Times is getting popular Worldwide, and people from all over the country are enjoying the game. With the fun, sometimes it gets hard to guess the answer to the crossword question, just like the recent clue from the crossword. 

You are at the right place if you are also struggling to solve Promises Exchanged At The Altar Nyt Crossword Clue. Keep up with the article to know all about the clue.


What is the answer to the New York Times Crossword?

Some people have already got the answer right for the crossword, but for people who are stuck with the clue to know the answer, here you go. The answer to the Crossword clue Promises Exchanged At The Altar is ‘IDOS.’ 

This clue was time-consuming for the players as many came with different answers; some of the solutions were wrong, and some got lucky and guessed IDOS as the answer.

What Does the answer to Promises Exchanged At The Altar Nyt Crossword Clue means?

As we confirmed, the answer to the crossword is IDOS. In the context of the crossword clue, ides means to exchange promises between the bride and groom in the marriage ceremony. Not only this, but ideas have some different meanings too.

  • In the Roman calendar, idos in the plural is the 15th day of the months such as March, May, July, and October.
  • In Spanish, Idos is the past participle of IR in the Masculine Plural.
  • IDOS is used as the Financial, Thesaurus, Medical, and Encyclopaedia abbreviations.
  • IDOS is an acronym for Idiopathic Diffuse Oesophageal Spasm.

What is the Lessen In Intensity Crossword clue answer?

We have already provided our readers with the answer to the Promises at the altar clue, so if you need to read the answer, you can check the above.

Now for the people who have come to get the answer to the clue the New York Times gave, the answer to the Lessen In Intensity Crossword answer is ‘ABATE.’ 

The players found the word unfamiliar, making the crossword challenging to guess and time-consuming. Abate has many synonyms like decrease, Dwindle, reduce, and diminish. To know the different meanings of the Abate, read below.

What are the meanings of the answer to Lessen In Intensity Crossword?

  • In the context of the clue, Abate is a term used when the force is decreased in intensity or force.
  • Abate is used with the weather when the rain, wind, or storm becomes less strong.
  • Abate is also used in the lowing pricing of goods from the earlier price
  • Abate is used when pollution gets weaker, and something becomes less serious
  • You can use Promises Exchanged At The Altar Nyt Crossword Clue Abate in sentences related to tax payments, plants, energy, space, and survival.
  • Abate is also used to describe how ill someone is and the phase that the patient has experienced.


The article aims to provide the answer and all the essential information on the crossword puzzle that NYT published. 

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Promises Exchanged At The Altar Nyt Crossword Clue: FAQs

Question 1 – Can we use the different answer for the The Altar Nyt Crossword Clue?

Answer      – NO, the solo answer will be IDOS

Question 2 – What is the NYT crossword?

Answer      – It is a daily mini crossword puzzle

Question 3 – Where can we find the NYT crossword puzzle?

Answer      – You can find the puzzle on their newspaper, on their newspaper’s website.

Question 4 – How many submissions do the New York Times small crossword get?

Answer      – Weekly, they receive between 155 – 200 submissions

Question 5 – How many clues do NYT crosswords give?

Answer      – They give one clue for each response, like ‘Promises Exchanged At The Altar’ and Lessen In Intensity Crossword

Question 6 – Where else can we find the NYT crossword puzzle apart from the NYT’s newspaper and websites?

Answer      – NYT is syndicated to 300+ Journals and newspapers. You can also get in on mobile applications.

Question 7 – When did the NYT startcrosswords?

Answer      – On 15 February 1945 

Question 8 – How many NYT crosswords have been published?

Answer      – There have been 26.631 puzzles.

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