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Project Beam Blue Reddit: What Is Project Blue Beam? Also Check Full Details On Project Blue Beam 2023

This article contains the details of the Project Beam Blue Reddit controversy and exposes more about the Beam Blue project.

What is the Blue Beam project? Is the Blue Beam project activated? Where did the Project start? Want to know about the Conspiracy Theory of the Blue Beam Project? The theory is gone viral after sightings again in UFO’s Canada, the United States, the United Kingdomand China. Do you know what it is and where we stand with it now? This Project Beam Blue Reddit article exposes the organization theory and more.


Project Beam Blue

The Blue beam project is a much-hyped conspiracy theory that goes viral on Reddit and other social media. Internet users are requesting that the Project again be activated to save the human race from an alien incursion. The conspiracy theory that was supposedly instinctive in French. This is one of the most trending topics of the Blue Beam Project in social media for conspiracy thinkers. Conspiracy theory has increased an excessive grip on social networks in the past few years.

Project Blue Beam 2023

The conspiracy theory of project Beam Blue has again started controversy in social media. It started because of the sightings of UFO’s skies of the US, China, and other countries. On Saturday, 11th February 2023, the USA warplane was shot down by an anonymous object.

 The UFO was laid down in a combined operation with the neighbouring countries. The process marked the subsequent takedown in their blues since the intense takedown. They suspected China because of the Chinese spy balloon last week. Continue reading the article to get detailed information on conspiracy theories and more.

What Is Project Blue Beam?

Project Beam Blue is a conspiracy theory theorized in the 80s and 90s by NASA or another secret government-related agency. The theory has been planned to implement a New-Age religion. Along with this, the Anti-Christ, the leader, starts a New World Order. It mainly focuses on a simulated technology of a second coming through holograms. 

As per sources, in 1994, the journalist Serge Monast first theorized the allegations and later published them in his book.

Project Beam Blue Reddit      

The journalist, Serge Monast’s book was named Project Blue Beam-(NASA). The supporters of the conspiracy theory that Monast and another journalist name unnamed. Both journalists died in 1996 due to heart attacks. As per sources, the Canadian abducted Monast’s daughter in an exertion to break him from examining Blue Beam Project.

Propagation of the theory

The conspiracy theory is widely popular on the Internet. Many web pages are dedicated to the subject and released videos to explain it. Journalist Monast addressed the theory in the 1990s. The transcription lecture is widely available. Learn more Project Beam Blue Reddit controversy and more.

About the Project Beam Blue Book

The current publisher is not re-releasing the journalist before the script and publication of his book. However, a three-page theory was penned by Monast himself and it was written in his French language.  

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We conclude that a joint project of Project beam blue of NASA and other United Nations. They used powerful advanced technologies to spread a new religion on our planet. Watch more technological details of the Blue Beam Project at this link.

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Project Beam Blue Reddit: FAQ

Q1. What is Project Beam Blue?

It is the conspiracy theory to generate an artificial Second Coming.

Q2. Why is Project Beam Blue trending now?

The theory is again out after recent findings of UFOs.

Q3. Who is involved in this Project?

USA, China, and others.

Q4. Who wrote the book about the Project?

Serge Monast’s

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