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Princeton Student Cause of Death: Explore Latest Information Of Missing Princeton University Student, Is She Found Dead?

Read exclusive and consolidated facts related to Princeton Student Cause of Death. Know the timelines and current situation.

The dead body of missing Mwisrach was found at the Princeton University campus on Thursday, 20st-October-2022. Her family, currently residing in the United Stateswere in shock as their hopes to find her came to an end.

What were the circumstances of her death? Where was she last seen? What was the result of the search operations? Let’s scrutinize exclusive facts in this article about Princeton Student Cause of Death


What was the cause of death of Misrach?

Misrach died under mysterious circumstances after she disappeared for a week. Misrach’s dead body was discovered near three tennis courts at the Princeton University (PU) campus. A facility employee discovered her body near the trees adjacent to the tennis court on Friday, 21st-October-2022.

What were Misrach’s last activities?

Misrach was volunteering on housekeeping duty for ‘school’s 11 eating clubs’, a social dining event organized on Thursday night on 13th October 2022 at the PU.

Misrach used to stay at Scully Residential Hall at PU, who was the Missing Princeton Student Found Dead. The university is having holidays for the fall season but declared a vigil. Hence, it is not much occupied. Misrach had a normal day and returned to her room at 3:00 AM, the early hours of Friday, 14th-October-2022.

Her roommates reported seeing her brushing her teeth and going to bed in her dorm room. However, at approximately 4:30 AM, she was missing from her room. 

Misrach’s loss of communication with family:

Misrach used to contact her family regularly. However, since 14th-October-2022, her family did not hear from her. Misrach’s parents called the college on Sunday, 16th-October-2022 to inquire about her well-being. 

The school’s public safety department started searching for Misrach on 16th-October-2022 night, unaware about her death and the Princeton Student Cause of Death. As Misrach was not found, a campus alert was raised. Soon, Misrach’s brother Universe rushed to the campus, met her friends, fellow mates, and college staff inquired about her whereabouts.

Initial investigation:

The pings from Misrach’s cell phone were last received on Friday, 14th-October-2022, and showed a location in surrounding areas of Fisher PI, Fairview Avenue, Wilder Avenue, Varsity Avenue, and Anther Avenue, which is close to Brunswick Pike on the other side of Carnegie Lake from the university.

Washington road bridge straightaway passed from PU from above the other side of Carnegie Lake, which can clue about Princeton Student Cause of Death. After searching the campus, based on the pings from the cell phone, police conducted an extensive search near Carnegie Lake.

PU reporting the incident to the police:

The discovery of Misrach’s dead body was reported to the police. An initial examination of her body showed no suspicious signs of violence, torture, or injuries.

When is Misrach Obituary?

Misrach’s dead body is sent for Autopsy. Her family will decide the schedule of her last rites soon.

Misrach’s Social Media Accounts:




About Misrach Family:

Universe is Misrach’s brother. No information related to other family members was found on the internet.

Missing Princeton University Student Mwisrach Married? 

Misrach was unmarried.

Misrach Wiki:

Real Name Misrach
Age When Died 24-Years
Birth Date 1998
Birth Place Euclid, Ohio, America
Date of Missing 14-Oct-22
Place of Death Princeton, New Jersey
Gender Female
Nationality American
Citizenship Ethopia
Single/Engaged Single, not engaged
Weight Pounds: 130 lbs
Boyfriend No data
Complexion Medium
Height In feet: 5′ 4″
Race Black
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Hair length Long
College Princeton University (on full schollership)
Expected year of study completion 2014



Education Qualification: 

Misrach was a graduate of Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School, Cleveland, Ohio.

Misrach’s Age, Date of Birth, and Princeton Student Cause of Death:

Misrach was 24 years old, as per PU records. She was born in 1998. The cause of death is yet to be determined.

Reference links:

Misrach Cause of Death – FAQs

Q.1 Since when was Misrach missing?

Misrach was missing since 14th-October-2022. Click here to know more.

Q.2 Why did Misrach’s parents report her missing?

Misrach did not respond to calls, texts and voice messages since 14th-October-2022.

Q.3 What results from the initial examination of Misrach’s dead body?

No suspected injuries or signs of torture were present on her dead body that determined Princeton Student Cause of Death.

Q.4 What efforts were made by Misrach’s parents to trace her?

Her brother passed pamphlets about Misrach’s missing and inquired with her friends, fellow mates, and college staff.

Q.5 What was the location of the initial search for Misrach?

Scully Residential Hall, the PU campus, and Carnegie Lakeshore.

Q.6 After how many days of missing, Misrach’s dead body was found.

Misrach’s dead body was found in the morning on Thursday, 20th-October-2022.

Q.7 What are the results of Misrach’s Autopsy?

Misrach’s toxicology and Autopsy report are awaited, which will clarify Princeton Student Cause of Death.

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