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Prime Energy Drinks Asda: Check Important Factors & Official Accessing Link!

To know the full news of Prime Energy Drinks Asda and to get details of the present restrictions made by retailers, read the blog.

Have you tasted the Prime energy drink? Are you curious about buying Prime energy drinks? Why is the Prime energy drink trending so much? Is this safe for teeagers? Why are teens going crazy about the drink? 

To find detailed answers to the above queries, read this blog. Also, here we will share why this drink is trending in the United Kingdom presently. Thus, for the complete details of Prime Energy Drinks Asda news, read until the close.


What is the Prime Hydration Energy drink?

The Prime Hydration energy drink is one of the products launched by two famous YouTuber, Logan Paul, and KSI. The duo has got more than 50 million subscribers on their channel. Initially, the players were known as boxing rivals, later, the duo became brothers, and now they are business partners too

Through their product Prime Energy Drinks Asda, the duo plans to branch out to some popular aerated drinks. Below is the video link for the popular Prime Energy drink launch.

Recently, the product has been in high demand and sold out every minute. Thus, Asda has decided to put some restrictions on purchasing those drinks.

Restrictions on the Prime Energy drink

After the Prime Energy drink launch, the product has been in incredible demand. Every minute the Prime Energy Drinks Asda product is going out of stock from various offline and online shops. Thus, Asda has limited the purchase of the product for each person. 


Restrictions on the Prime Energy drink

The retailers said customers could buy only three bottles simultaneously because the stock easily flew out of the shelves. The original drink cost only 2 pounds, but due to high demand, the retailers even sell a bottle for 15 pounds.

Prime Energy Drinks Asda product going out of stock

According to various sources, prime energy drinks are highly purchased by teens or teenagers. A bottle’s original retail price is 2 pounds, but various Worcester shops sell one bottle for 8 pounds each. 

Reactions of people on Social media

Many Tweets have been posted for energy drinks where a user mentioned drinking the energy drink all day.


There is no doubt that people are going crazy about Prime energy drinks. Was this news on Prime energy drink informative? Comment and share your thoughts.

Prime Energy Drinks Asda– F.A.Qs

Q1. Are the energy drinks available on the website now?

Ans. No, the drinks will be available once it’s re-stocked.

Q2. Who launched the drinks?

Ans. Popular YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

Q3. What is the retail price of the drinks?

Ans. The retail price of the drink is 2 Pounds each.

Q4. What is the official Instagram page for the drinks/?

Ans. One can access the official Instagram page of Prime Energy Drink through this link.

Q5. Is the drink safe for teenagers?

Ans. Yes, as per the various sources, teenagers are safe to consume.

Q6. What & why are the restrictions made on the drink by Asda?

Ans. Asda made a rule that consumers can buy only 3 bottles of the drink at a time. This restriction is made due to the product’s high demand and limited stock.

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