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Primaria Exterior ve com Registro: Find Portal Details Here!

Primaria Exterior ve com Registro write-up has shared details of a website launched by the Venezuelan authority for Primary Election 2023 registration.

Are you a resident of Venezuela living abroad? Do you want to participate in the primary election to elect an opposition candidate for the Presidential election in 2024? Venezuela will hold its Presidential election in 2024, and the country is looking for an opposition leader to fight the incumbent.

The country has decided to allow its citizens Worldwide to participate in the Primary election, and to facilitate the voting process; they have launched a website. The Online platform launched on 7th June 2023 is only valid for the Internal Primary Election. Primaria Exterior ve com Registro has all the details on this registration platform, along with a report on Primary Election.


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Primaria Exterior Ve Website:

The Primary National Commission has launched this website to allow migrants to vote in the 2023 Primary Election. The data collected on this website will not be shared with other state institutions or Election National Commission. Venezuelan living abroad can use this platform to update their information or make new registration for voting in the Primary.

People already registered with the Election Commission should also update their information and choose their city for casting their vote. This registration will not allow them to vote in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Why was Launched for Primary in Venezuela?

According to National Commission for Primary Education, there are around 4 million Venezuelan living abroad. The current election commission data recognizes 107 878 voters in its registry. Around 97% of country nationals living abroad are deprived of voting in the Primary. 

Registering around 3.8 million Venezuelans in less than three months is mammoth work, and the consulate lacks adequate human resources. The National Election Commission is also reluctant to carry on this enormous task. Therefore, it authorized the Primary National Commission to launch a website for ad hoc registration of residents living abroad.

How to Register on

People interested in making their registration on the Primary National Commission digital platform can follow the steps mentioned below. They should remember that this registration will make them eligible for voting in only Primary Election 2023.

  • Go to the official website of the Primary Election Commission.
  • Enter your Identification number, Date of Birth and Captcha code.
  • Choose your currently residing country, region and city you want to cast your vote.
  • Those whose residing city is not on the commission list can select the nearest city.
  • Click on the save button, and a validation link will be sent to your e-mail address by
  • Click on the link and attach all the images requested by the Primary Commission.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent by the website certifying your registration on the commission website.

Is Primaria Exteriorve Website Legit?

It is always safe to go through the legit details of any website to check its legitimacy. We have listed some legit parameters of this registration portal below.

  • The domain of this website was created on 12th April 2023.
  • The website has low popularity indicating less online traffic on the platform.
  • The website domain will expire on 12th April 2024.
  • trust index is 100%, a decent number for any legit website.
  • We found no customer review for this registration website.
  • This website has presence on social media sites.
  • The text and image content of the website appease to be original and is not plagiarized.
  • Owners detail is not mentioned on the website. 
  • News related to this website is available in digital space.

What is the last date for Registration on Primaria Exterior Portal? 

The Venezuelan residents living abroad must start the registration process at the earliest as this window is open for a limited period. Some reports suggest the portal will stop registration after 7th July 2023. 

Is Primaria Exterior ve com Registro Safe for Abroad Residents?

People are also talking about the safety of the data shared on this website. The President of the Commission clarified that the data collected on this portal would not be shared with any institution. The purpose of this website is to allow legal voters of Venezuela living abroad to practice their right to vote. 

This data will not be shared with any agency that makes their data public for various purposes. Central Election Commission is also not eligible to view this data. The protection of voter’s identity primary concern of the commission. The data may be shared with the agencies involved in the voting process. Reviews:

Most legit rating website has given a positive rating to the Primaria Exteriorve digital platform. No customer reviews of his website are available in the digital space, as this is not a commercial platform. 

Who Can Vote in Venezuela Primary 2023? 

Venezuelan living abroad Worldwide must meet the requirement listed in the Regulations for residents living abroad. They must get their name in the Electron registry and update their information on the Primary commission portal.

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Final verdict:

Venezuela Primary Commission has launched a website to facilitate residents living abroad to vote in Primary 2023

Has the Primaria Exteriors website helped you enroll for Primary 2023? Please comment.

Primaria Exterior ve com Registro: FAQS

Q.1 Which candidate is leading the race for Primary 2023?

The candidate Maria Corina Machado with a 57% rating, is leading the Primary 2023 opinion poll. 

Q.2 When will the Primary Election 2023 be held?

The Primary 2023 for finding the opposition candidate will be held on 22nd October 2023.

Q.3 Who is the current President of Venezuela?

Nicolas Maduro is the current President of Venezuela’s Republic.

Q.4 Can registration on the Primary election website be done with a VPN connection?

No, the application is designed so that registration cannot be done with a VPN connection.

Q.5 What is the Threat profile of the website?

The threat profile of the Primaria Exteriorve portal is 8/100, indicating a low chance of the website being a scam.

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