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Preta Gil Ex Marido de Instagram: Get Estilista Stylist E Amante Details Now!

The article below has provided readers with the recent Preta Gil Ex Marido de Instagram controversy. We also explained about her relationship with her stylist.

How did Preta Gill expose his ex-husband? This singer has become a new sensation because of her public statement. People from Brazil and around the world are following up on her case and flashing light on her situation.

The following article will inform the readers about all the spotlight Preta had to go through and information about Preta Gil Ex Marido de Instagram. So, follow up till the end to get all the information.

Disclaimer- We are not trying to offend any individual with our write-up. This article is solely intended to provide information available on the internet.

Why did Preta Gil’s ex-husband go viral on Instagram?

Preta Gil’s ex-husband, Rodrigo Godoy, went viral on Instagram when people learned about his different side. Preta revealed how Rodrigo cheated on her. 

When Netizens learned about the whole thing, they burst out of rage and searched for Rodrigo on Instagram to drag him down. Rodrigo received a lot of hate because of his cheating controversy, and people are still bashing him for his inconsiderate behavior on Instagram.

How is Ex Stylist Gil involved with Rodrigo Godoy?

After getting cheated on by Rodrigo, Preta told her story on her Instagram profile, where she mentioned that she was unaware of the cheating and was going through a bowel cancer treatment. She added that her ex-husband cheated on her with Preta’s stylist while undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

She ranted about how she is having sleepless nights because of the overthinking and the betrayal she went through after spending almost ten years with his ex-husband.

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Information about Ex Marido de E Amante Preta Gil

  • Preta Gil’s full name is Preta Maria Gadelha Gil Moreira.
  • She is a well-known Brazilian singer and continued her journey as a singer since 2003.
  • She was born on 8 August 1974 and recently celebrated her 49th birthday.
  • She married Rodrigo Godoy in 2015 but recently announced their divorce after getting cheated on by her husband.
  • Currently, she is diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma and is undergoing various treatments.

Ex Estilista de Instagram information 

  • Ingrid Lima was the stylist of Preta Gill and used to live with Preta in her house.
  • Preta Gil also confirmed that she deleted an Instagram post about Ingrid Lima and Rodrigo Godoy because they begged her to delete it.
  • Preta added that people warned her not to keep her stylist in her home, and she did not listen as she was close to her stylist and wanted to help her.
  • She posted on her Instagram that she is processing suffering and trying her best to overcome the situation.

How was her relationship with her Stylist?

Preta’s stylist was close to Preta and her ex-husband. All three of them spent the COVID lockdown together in Preta’s home.

Indrid has spent five years as a fashion designer, of which three years were spent with Preta.

Preta used to treat Indrid like her own family and was close to her, so the cheating situation made everything hard for Preta to deal with.

Indrid is also a married woman with a kid, and Preta and Rodrigo are well-known for their Stylist married life.

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Rodrigo has not commented on his intention and why he cheated on his ill wife. There are no comments from her stylist, Indrid, as well.

Do you think Preta will be held firm and able to deal with this situation? Comment down.

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