Keys to Preserving Cannabis in Jars in Ideal Moisture

Keys to Preserving Cannabis in Jars in Ideal Moisture

In this article, you’ll learn how to maintain ideal moisture for cannabis preservation in jars, how to store, and the temperature range for storing marijuana. In addition, you’ll learn which jars are the best choice for storing marijuana including your favorite bubba’s gift seeds, as well as the benefits of humidity control packs. Then, you’ll find out whether you should use a vacuum bag for your cannabis.

Tips for maintaining ideal moisture for cannabis preservation on jars

When it comes to cannabis, there are some tips to follow to ensure your bud stays fresh. Avoid placing your cannabis in the refrigerator. The fluctuation of humidity and temperature can affect its quality and potency. Keep your cannabis stored in an airtight glass jar in a cool, dark area to ensure its potency. Avoid storing cannabis in plastic bags because the moisture and trichomes will attract them. If you do store cannabis in plastic bags, be sure to use them only for a short time.

Cannabis should be stored between 55 and 65% relative humidity. A humidity range of more than 65 percent may result in mold or mildew. Low humidity can also lead to brittle trichomes and dry essential oils. It’s important to remember that marijuana needs oxygen, both during growth and when it’s cured. But too much oxygen will accelerate the degradation process. Alternatively, too little air could result in the jar losing its flavor and potency. Vacuum pumps can minimize the amount of oxygen entering the jar.

Vacuum bags are suitable for storing cannabis

While plastic containers are suitable for short-term storage, a vacuum seal is better for long-term cannabis storage. The process of vacuum sealing allows for maximum air removal, so marijuana buds remain fresh and odor-free. While plastic containers are inexpensive, they provide minimal protection from air, light, and heat. Also, most plastic containers aren’t airtight. Vacuum seal bags are a great alternative for both medical and recreational marijuana growers.

These bags are durable and legally-compliant. They help keep cannabis fresh and protect it from oxidation. 

Humidity control packs preserve terpenes

The preservation of terpenes in cannabis products is an essential part of the overall experience. Using a humidity control pack is a simple way to keep your cannabis products at the optimal humidity levels, preserving the flavor and aroma of your flower. Humidity control packets also prevent the flower from drying out, protecting the freshness and quality of your pre-rolls.

Integra makes two-way humidity control packs. These packs add and remove moisture depending on what’s inside the jar. The packs monitor inner jar humidity, adding moisture when it’s needed. This prevents the cannabis from drying out and forming mold. While these packs can be purchased at local stores, Integra also offers them on the company’s website.

Temperatures for storing cannabis

Storage temperature is one of the most important considerations when preserving your cannabis flower. Temperatures above 77 degrees Fahrenheit encourage mold growth and are not conducive to optimal marijuana flower preservation. The ideal range is 32deg to 68deg F. Cannabis stored at these temperatures should be protected from the light and handled with care. If you do not use your marijuana daily, you may wish to freeze it to prolong its shelf life.

Cannabis can be stored in temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but temperatures above 70 degrees can cause mold to grow and ruin its flavor. Similarly, temperatures below 70 degrees can cause the bud to dry out and develop brown spots. High temperatures can also lead to the decarboxylation of THC, which damages the bud structure. Keeping temperatures between 70 degrees and fifty-nine degrees is a good compromise between preventing mold and ensuring a high-quality cannabis experience.

Using a humidor

Despite the popularity of recreational marijuana, most people don’t use humidors for storing their cannabis. While cigar humidors use cedar wood, these materials don’t work with cannabis. Instead, cannabis-specific humidors use neutral woods. Humidors help to control the moisture in a container, and they can last years. In this article, we’ll look at how you can use one for cannabis preservation.

Glass jars, for example, are not ideal for cannabis preservation. While glass Mason jars won’t protect your flower from ultraviolet rays, brown or green containers filter out about 30 percent of these harmful rays. When marijuana is exposed to air and light, it starts converting its active ingredient THCA into THC and CBN, a psychoactive compound. In addition, light and air exposure oxidize essential terpenes, giving the flower a hay-like smell.

Using a humidity pack

One way to preserve cannabis is by using a humidity pack. These systems are made from a mixture of medical-grade silica and a salt-based solution. To use these systems, you must saturate them with distilled water. Humidity packs are effective at controlling the humidity of your jars, and will last for several years. You should rehydrate them once every month.

Although marijuana has been traditionally preserved by burying orange peels in the jar to add moisture, this method can lead to the introduction of mold and change the flavor of the weed. A more effective solution is to use a humidity pack, which will reintroduce moisture without introducing mold or odors. These packs also do not introduce terpenes, which can result in a harsh smoking experience.

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