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{Updated} Preguntas Disney 100 Tiktok: Details On Question Of Quiz On 31 de Octubre

What are the Preguntas Disney 100 TiktokWhy is it trending online? Why is the word ‘31 de Octubre’ trending with this keyword?

What does Preguntas Disney 100 TikTok mean? What are the questions asked by Disney? Who launched this event? Where is this event being hosted? Why did Disney launch this event? People from the Worldwide are involved in this quiz. Because it is interesting and fun. Along with fun, a few rewards are also available. 

Details About The Preguntas Disney 100 TikTok

This phrase is in Spanish. It means ‘Disney 100 TikTok Questions.’ Disney has launched an event on TikTok. Under this, they have 100 quiz questions, which are about the characters of Disney. They will provide the 5 to 4 questions, and the player must guess the correct answers to all the questions.   

This is an interesting event for the people who are Disney fanatics. This event is going viral, and people are loving it. It has become a topic of discussion currently as netizens discuss the answer of the day on their social media. 

What is Preguntas Disney 100 31 de Octubre?

Disney 100 TikTok Quiz has released 5 questions on 31st October. Those questions are as follows:

1. What thing in Star Wars: The Last Jedi does Luke give to Leia?

Ans. Han Solo’s Dice

2. What type of construction was included in Making the Wish?

Ans. Disney Cruise

3. Finish the sentence of Taylor Mckessie from the Musical High School 2. That girl moves more than….

Ans. An octopus in a fight.

4. When was the Monsters SA released?

Ans. In 2001

5. What does Han in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back tell Liea when she tells him that she loves him minutes before freezing in Carbonite? 

Ans. I know.

Preguntas Disney 100 TikTok Reason

This quiz event has been launched to celebrate the 100 years of Disney in production. Disney is now a century old, and it has created a lot of memories for people all around the world. Every kid and teenager loves the shows on Disney. They provide a variety of shows for different age groups. 

Disney is a successful production house for different entertainment shows. It was established in 1923 as Disney Brothers Studio by Roy and Walt Disney. Formerly, the company was into animation films and shows. Slowly, they stepped into other ventures of production. Its establishment date is 16th October 1923.

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More on Preguntas Disney 100 31 de Octubre

As a reward, they provide cards on TikTok, which a player can also share with their friends. The card can be collected after giving the correct answer to the question. The event has entered into week 3. This event will continue for six weeks. Players can collect all the six weeks cards and convert them into something at the end of this event. The event started on 16th October 2023. It will end on 13th November 2023. 


The article has talked about the Disney TikTok event. It was launched to celebrate the 100 years of Disney. People on TikTok are playing the Preguntas Disney 100 31 de Octubre. They are enjoying the game along with collection cards, which can be then converted into rewards at the end of the event. This is a trending topic on the internet recently. The questions are from various Disney shows. A real fan can easily win. For more details about Disney, click here.

Have you played the Disney TikTok 100-question game? Please mention this in the comment.

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