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Are you deeming to garner facts on the Precio Del Token Pvu? Then, warmly scroll down this write-up.

Do you want to play exciting NFT games delivering ample tokens that can be used for trading? Then be with us throughout the post. 

People residing within Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina cast about trading online since the pandemic as it allows you to earn some capital based on your convenience and preferred location. Online trading also allows you to enter into the world of cryptocurrencies with advanced features. 

Moreover, throughout this article, we will consider live Precio Del Token Pvu to outreach vital facts about it, including the founder’s name.

What is Plant Vs Undead Crypto (PVU)?

Commenced in June 2021, the PlantVsUndead (PVU) is an NFT rivalry game based on a popular smartphone game, Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ). It is a tower defence game where you have to defeat your competitors to earn freebies and tokens. 

Moreover, it has included several gaming modes, including PVU primary mode, through which you can opt for a 1vs1 battle. You can also switch to farming mode to grow plants for tokens and describe facts on Precio Del Token Pvu

Founder Details

PVU’s owner name is Dinh Quy Tran, who has a team including:

Members  Designation 
Nguyen Thai Duong Backend Developer
Toss Vu Art Director
Cao Tuong Unity Developer
Pham Van Duy  SMC Developer
Ho Anh Vu  FX
Bich Bich  Artist
Drawnbyuynn UI/UX Artist
Tuan Bean Animator
Vinh Pham Web Developer
Ham Duy QC
Ngo Nhat Anh Marketing Manager

The Singularity of PVU tokens

PVU developers mainly target the youth audience who will get attracted by the similar gaming experience of PvZ. You can quickly increase your revenue by trading coins for a massive game.

Precio Del Token Pvu

Upon researching, we have found that the live price of PVU tokens is USD 11.60, with a ranking of #2716. However, it is seen that token price is lowered by 15.36% in 24 hours. Presently, the PVU token’s circulating supply and market cap are not available. 

Market Supply And Other Statistical Data

  • The fully diluted market cap of the token is $3,478,844,070.66.
  • PVU holds a market rank of #2716.
  • The market cap of PVU is not available.
  • Considering the facts on Precio Del Token Pvu, the total supply of this token is 300,000,000.
  • PVU token’s circulating supply is unavailable. 
  • The maximum supply for PVU tokens is 300,000,000.
  • The PVU token’s 24 hour high is $13.61.
  • The 24 hour low is $11.00.
  • The 24-hour trading volume of PVU tokens is lowered to $-2.10.

How to Buy This Token?

The tokens can be acquired by various exchange policies, including Binance, PancakeSwap, Trust Wallet, etc. If you want to gather actuality on Precio Del Token Pvu, then kindly visit the website. 


Q1. What is the official website of PlantVsUndead (PVU)?

A1. https://plantvsundead.com is the official website.  

Q2. What is the Market Cap of PVU?

A2. The market cap is not available, but the self-reported claims to have a market cap of $22,575,684.

Q3. What is the Contract Address of PVU?

A3. 0x31471e0791fcdbe82fbf4c44943255e923f1b794 is the contract address of PVU. Watch here to learn about the buying procedure of PVU tokens. 



Throughout the article, we have discussed the PlantVsUndead game along with the Precio Del Token Pvu. The founder details with the uniqueness of the PVU token have also been discussed in this write-up. 

The post has included the live price of the PVU token and other statistical data. The steps that are required to follow upon buying this token online have been evaluated thoroughly. Visit here for more details on how to buy cryptocurrency

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