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Pratiwi Mandala Putri Linkedin: Details On Hendra Purnama Pratiwi Mandala

The article on Pratiwi Mandala Putri LinkedIn details the incident of the Bromo mountain fire.

Who is Pratiwi Mandala Putri? Why is Pratiwi Mandala Putri trending on the internet? What did Pratiwi do at Bromo Hills? If you also wish to know about the Pratiwi Mandala Putri LinkedIn, read this article here. People from Indonesia are shocked and upset about the Bromo Mountains’ wildfire. They are angry to learn the reason behind it. 

Pratiwi Mandala Putri & Bromo Hills

Around 6th September, a couple went to Bromo Hills for a Pre-Wedding photoshoot. During the shoot, they used flares (a light type of firecracker), triggering a wildfire on the mountain range. This was the second wildfire of the week. As of 11th September, authorities had confirmed that the fire was spreading with thick black smoke and dangerous red flames. 

Pratiwi Mandala Putri Instagram and LinkedIn accounts are in trend because people want to know more about the women whose pre-wedding photoshoot triggered wildfire on Bromo Hills also known as Teletubbies Hills. She is a suspect in the case, and the authorities are investigating the case closely. Is Pratiwi a real suspect in the case or not? 

Disclaimer: Through this article, we will tell our readers about the recent case of the Bromo Hills wildfire and how a Pre-wedding shoot of Pratiwi triggered it. 

Who is the Suspect in Bromo Wildfire?

As per the authorities, an event/wedding organizer has been booked for the recent fire spread in Bromo Hill’s tourist spot. As per sources, it was indeed the photoshoot of the couple, Hendra Purnama Pratiwi Mandala, but they cannot be named as suspects because their event organizer took them there. 

As per sources, A 41-year-old event organizer had been booked for not taking a permit for the shoot, bringing 5 flares to the fire-prone area (authorities had provided a public warning about the fire) and the negligence of law.

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Details About Bromo Hills Fire

The fire started on 6th September and is still spreading while the firefighters are trying their best to stop it from spreading. The fire has destroyed more than 200 hectares of land and reached the Ngadas Village. 

The Pratiwi Mandala Putri Bromo fire had 7 hotspots, out of which six spots are now safe from fire. But one remaining site is very difficult: the area around Mount Watangan. Volunteers, firefighters and personnel from the armed forces are trying their best. 

Social Media Account Of Pratiwi Mandala Putri 

Instagram Account:

Her account is private and has a nice profile picture. She has 447 followers and following 368 people. 

LinkedIn Account: There were a few accounts with the same name, but we wonder about the authenticity of the accounts. Thus, we have not provided a link to any of the accounts. 

People are trying to locate Pratiwi Mandala Putri LinkedIn and Instagram accounts because they might want to see the pictures of their pre-wedding shoot.

Note: The Instagram account looked authentic. Thus, we have provided the link. But there needed to be something to cross-verify the account. 


The article talked about Pratiwi Mandala Putri’s social media accounts because she allegedly started the Bromo wildfire last week on 6th September, which has not been controlled and resulted in 200 hectares of mountain land covered in fire as per sources. However, authorities rightfully booked the event organizer whose idea it was, and he did not even get proper permission from the authorities. For more details about the Mount Bromo, click here.

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