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Prankpackage Com: Find All Legitimacy Factors For The Website Here!

This post is in-depth details of the newly registered website Prankpackage Com and other details related to the online store.

Do you love playing pranks on your friends and family? Everyone loves to have fun occasionally, especially when played randomly and anonymously. is a site that will help you achieve your goals. Several online platforms offer prank services, but their authenticity is questionable. This site is mainly popular in the United States and The United Kingdom. 

Let us discuss further details about the website Prankpackage Com and learn its legitimacy through reviews and specific factors. Follow the blog to know more. 


Disclaimer: Our purpose in writing this post is only for informative purposes. We do not support any viral links or websites, or activities. This post is only based on internet research. We do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings through this post. 


Through this, you can send emails to the websites teams, unanimously select your desired prank package, customize it with a glitter bomb greeting card last, enter the recipient address, and it gets delivered to the address mentioned through us. Prank core intention is only to have fun and entertainment among the close circle. 

Strict policies are mentioned against Harassment and abuse of third parties through the prank packages. Learn more about the packages through the attached links. 

Brief information about the legitimacy factors of the online portal! 

  • Domain Age & Expiry: The site is registered on 16th February 2023 and will expire on 16th February 2024.
  • Trust Index: It has an average trust index of 58.5%.
  • Threat & Phishing score: The threat and phishing both have the same score of 24/100.
  • Malware & Spam score: The Malware is 17/100, and Spam is 1/100.
  • Popularity Ranking: The Prankpackage Com has a very poor ranking of zero. 
  • Proximity to suspicious websites: The score for proximity to suspicious websites is 6/100.
  • Specifications of the platform!
  • Website Name :
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping Policy is mentioned as between 3-6 business days. 
  • Return & Refund Policy: If customer services are unhappy with the package, contact the store within 48 hours to return it. But the return and refund are processed for selected conditions. 
  • Payment methods: Amex, Discover, Meta, Google Pay, PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay, MasterCard etc., are acceptable. 

What are the public reviews of

The Prankpackage Com has a bulk of positive reviews from customers. Reviews can be found on the official page of the website, which is in the form of ratings and comments. Most people highly appreciate website services, but some are still unhappy. But there are hardly any reviews on other platforms. 

Social media accounts:


Overall, the website looks promising, but it has low trust scores and a short life expectancy. That is why we suggest that customers look for other trustworthy websites. 

What do you think about the concept of the website? Please let us know in the comments below. 

Prankpackage Com: FAQs

Q1. What is

Prankpackage is a website allowing you to anonymously play pranks on your friends and family through packages. 

Q2. Is the website legit or fake? 

After a throughput analysis, we can say that it has a prominent future, but right now, it cannot be trusted because of its low life expectancy and trust score. 

Q3. What is the glitter bomb card? 

It is a part of the prank packages for just an extra $5. The glitter is glued to the greeting card, and when a person opens it, the glitter explodes on them. 

Q4. Why is the Prank Package Delivery procedure? 

Delivery services are free by the website, and delivery takes 3-6 days. 

Q5. What is the order cancellation policy of the online portal? 

Orders can be canceled before shipping, but it is impossible after the goods are shipped.

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