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Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction (Jan) How To Buy?

The guide shares the Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction for investors interested in crypto.

In a bid to deliver clean energy that can work for all on the planet, the Power Ledger platform has been launched. It is the power behind the new clean energy and the operating system for new energy marketplaces, enabling trading and tracking energy, environmental commodities, and flexibility services. 

People in the United States are attracted to this concept for its unique approach towards clean energy. It has launched a flexible and energy trading platform to allow grids, organizations, and households to trade with each other using the native currency Power Ledger Crypto.

You must check the Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction before investing.   

What is Power Ledger Crypto?

Power Ledger is an Australian technology company focused on developing software programs for a sustainable future for decentralized and distributed energy marketplaces. The company has developed a blockchain-backed platform to allow trading and tracking energy, evrnionmental commodities, and flexibility services.

The native token used within the platform is the Power Ledger Crypto. The ERC-20 type crypto token works as the license needed for renewable energy operators, utilities, companies, and microgrids focused on 100% renewable energy.

Power Ledger Crypto is available for trading via the Ethereum Smart Bond exchange. But investors in the United States are looking for the live Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction before investing. 

About the Founders of Power Ledger Crypto!

Power Ledger Crypto or POWR is the new crypto co-founded by Dr. Jemma Green in collaboration with John Bulich. The crypto was launched in 2016, and it has two co-founders. 

Dr. Jemma Green is the company’s executive chairman, and she co-founded the firm with John Bulich. 

What is the Live Market Analysis of Power Ledger Crypto?

Before knowing the Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction, you must check the live market analysis of the crypto token.

According to coinmarketcap.com, the live value of the crypto is $0.776697, and it has recorded a hike of 51.47%. The trading volume of the crypto in the last 24 hours is $2 519 533 464. The token has registered a hike in the trading volume by 52.53%. 

The crypto’s market ranking based on market capitalization is #169. The present market capitalization of POWR is $359 716 592. The fully diluted market capitalization of POWR is $776 697 376.92.

The total circulating supply of Power Ledger Crypto is 463 136 097 POWR, and the maximum supply of the token is 1 000 000 000 POWR. 

Live Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction

Please note that the predictions are just for references and not the final predicted price. It is subject to change according to market demands:

  • The year 2022 – The Minimum Price is $0.25, and the Maximum Price is $0.30
  • The year 2023 – The Minimum Price will be $0.37, and the Maximum Price will be $0.42
  • The year 2024 – Minimum Price will be $0.55, and the Maximum Price will be $0.65
  • The year 2025 – Minimum Price will be $0.77, and Maximum Price will be $0.95  
  • The year 2026 – Minimum Price will be $1.11, and Maximum Price will be $1.38

These are the predicted price of the analyst and not the confirmed price. The Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction is subject to change according to the crypto’s demand in the future. 

How to Buy Power Ledger Crypto?

  • Link your digital wallet with the exchange
  • Add funds to buy the token
  • Find the token using contract address 0x595832f8fc6bf59c85c527fec3740a1b7a361269
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Swap the currency for POWR Token
  • Secure the token in your account to trade later


Q1. What is the Live Price of the Token?

A1. According to Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction, the live price of the token is $0.776697.

Q2. What is the Official Site of Power Ledger Crypto?

A2. The official website of the Power Ledger is https://www.powerledger.io/.


Power Ledger Crypto is the native token of the platform that is focused on clean energy. Crypto has a bright future as the price tends to increase in the future.     

The token is available for trading on the Ethereum Smart Bond Exchange, and interested investors are requested to check the Power Ledger Crypto Price Prediction before investing. Besides, you must check the Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

Do you want to share your prediction about Power Ledger Crypto? Please, share it in the comment section. 

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