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Postatbox Info Scam: Check The Legitimacy And Detailed Reviews

We bring to you extensively consolidated details in this Reviews to check Postatbox Info Scam to learn why its messages were circulated. redirects visitors to was launched by Maxflow BV LLC, located at Ketelmakerij 20,3010 Kessel-Lo Leuven,Flemish Brabant Belgium,having 750+ game developers,20 Million users,5121 games,and 17 Million hours of play time monthly. Harry Haeck is principal contact of’s parent company – Maxflow BV LLC. Check shocking facts on Postatbox Info Scam in Austria.

About Postatbox Info Scam:

The scamming text message from was exposed initially by @u/GermanyDoesntExist on his profile pages and on @r/Austria community pages on 16th/October/2023. @r/Austria is Reddit group covering news and trends in Austria, specifically focusing on crispy recipes like Mozart, Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn, Etc., and covering 481K subscribers from Zillertal to Puntigam.

The @u/GermanyDoesntExist shared screenshot of SMS asking Redditors if it was scam message. SMS was in German and stated – delivery of your item was interrupted due to missing house number. Please update details at 

Response to Postatbox Info Reviews:

@u/GermanyDoesntExist received 24 comments, zero shares and up-votes. Most of Redditors advised that it is scam, and some of them receive such messages several times month. Redditors advised @u/GermanyDoesntExist not to respond and to ignore SMS. 

A second instance of scam was reported on 17th/October/2023 on @glaubt-ihr-das-ist-ein-scam-2 pages. Social media post was screenshot of text message that stated – We cannot make delivery because of an invalid package address. Please update correct address at @babaGerlinde, who shared screenshot and asked Gutefrage members – Do you think this is scam?

Postatbox Info Reviews on other platforms: is website from Germany where you can post your questions, and other people in community can give their answers. You can also rate answers and choose best one. @babaGerlinde’s post was viewed by 42 members, and @Delvinishere posted top helpful and best answer. @Delvinishere stated that such messages are scam, and people get one or two messages daily. 

@Delvinishere advised @babaGerlinde not to click on any link because messages received from international numbers, stranger’s names, and non-requested services containing spelling mistakes are mostly fraud. But @Delvinishere also stated that not all text messages are scams. 

Legitimacy Analysis of Postatbox Info Scam: gained 100% suspicion, 91% threat, and phishing score each! Evidently, gained high 68% spam score! It achieved 16% trust, 6.8% business, 64% malware scores, zero Alexa ranking, and 1/100 Domain Authority. was registered 7-days ago, on 12th/October/2023, in USA. is young website. has short life expectancy as its registration will expire on 12th/October/2024. did not include terms of service, privacy policies, customer service contact number, or email address. Trend Micro, an anti-virus and anti-malware provider, does not trust Registrar of – NameSilo LLC, is popular among scammers.

Features of Postatbox Info Scam website:

The identity and contact details of’s owner and technical team were censored using paid privacy services of Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as servers used by hosted several low-rated websites.

Social media links:

Conclusion: does not support product reviews or blogging. No individual reviews for were present on social media. featured web browser-based games. Hence, scam message was circulated to achieve more viewership, expansion, gamers and audiences count of crazygames.comClick here to learn about credit card scams, as Postatbox Info Scam is possibly true and the website seems highly-risky for users’ devices,personal data,and financial transactions.

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