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Post Is Being Processed TIKTOK- Can It Be Resolved? How to Fix TikTok Issues? Grab The Tips Here!

Tiktok video is not processed. Grab methods to remove the Post Is Being Processed TIKTOK error message. Please check out the entire article and be connected.

Do you love to make Tiktok videos? Or do you love to watch Tiktok videos in your free time? If you love to make videos and post them on Tiktok, then you may face some issues while posting them. Many Tiktok users from the United States face problems while posting their videos on Tiktok. That’s why we request you to read the entire Post Is Being Processed TIKTOK article to know everything about this issue so that you don’t have to face it in the future. 


What is the issue?

Recently, many Tiktok users from different countries faced problems while posting their videos on Tiktok. The problem is whenever someone tries to post a video, the app shows processing at the end of the video. The video is always in process. You cannot upload it, and nobody can watch it. It is irritating to receive the error message “video is being processed” while posting it on Tiktok. Many users faced the same issue and showed their worries in several social platform like reddit 

How to Fix TikTok Issues?

Many users found a solution to fix this issue. But not everyone knows that solution. And if you don’t know how to solve such problems, you don’t need to worry anymore. We are always here to help you. Today we will discuss six ways to fix this problem. So, you need to follow the instructions carefully.

  • Tip 1- You can close the app and restart it after some time. It may sound childish, but sometimes it works like magic. So, whenever you face any problem with Tiktok, you need to shut the app and restart it. To get rid of the Post Is Being Processed TIKTOK error message, you need to restart your phone as well. 
  • Tip 2- If the first tip did not fix the issue, try the second tip. If you are using Wi-Fi, check the connection properly. If you are using mobile data, check the data usage. Sometimes you face the problem because of poor connectivity, or you have already finished the mobile data. 
  • Tip 3- You can go to the settings, and after choosing Tiktok from the apps, you need to delete the cache memory. Sometimes we forget to clear the cache memory of an app, and it causes many issues like the Post Is Being Processed TIKTOK error message. 
  • Tip 4- Tiktok has some restrictions and guidelines you need to follow. So, before posting anything, check if your video is against their community guidelines.
  • Tip 5- Sometimes Tiktok can ban your account temporarily because of posting inappropriate videos or if someone reported your videos. So, check the inbox Tiktok if you receive any notifications.
  • Tip 6- If all the above-mention tips do not work, you can file a report against the problem to Tiktok Support. To report, you need to select the ‘Report a Problem’ option from the Settings and Privacy section of Tiktok. 

These are all the methods of How to Fix TikTok Issues. You can try all six suggestions. We hope after applying these tips you will get rid of the “video is being processed” error message on Tiktok. 

When will the problem be solved?

Our research found that the Tiktok is under review. But right now, we cannot assure you anything about its restart. No one knows when the problem will be solved. However, we know how irritating it is to get an error message constantly while uploading a video on Tiktok. So, we advice you to wait till the problem is solved.


Till now, the solution for the problem is not given from the team of TikTok firm. However, as per study we can get rid of the Post Is Being Processed TIKTOK error message, please follow the above-mentioned methods carefully. We hope the tips will help you to solve the solution. You can click on the link to learn how to solve the Tiktok login problem.

Have you faced the same issue? Please comment. 

FAQ Section- Post Is Being Processed TIKTOK:

1 –  Why are we receiving the error message?

Ans. The site is under review is not resolved yet.

2 – Can we receive the error message because of the slow internet?

Ans. Yes, it can be possible. 

3 –  Should we update our Tiktok to eliminate this issue?

Ans. If your Tiktok is not updated, update it immediately.

4 –  Is the server of Tiktok down?

Ans. Yes, it might be down.

5  – Can we use Tiktok after the problem is solved?

Ans. Yes, why not.

6 – Is there any glitch on the Tiktok server?

Ans. Yes. There can be glitches.

7 – How much time will it take to solve the issue?

Ans. Unfortunately, we are not sure about this.

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