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Porto Fan Token Price {Nov} Market Supply, How To Buy?

Here in this article, we read about the Porto Fan Token, the Porto Fan Token Price and its details.

The crypto world is advancing day by day. Every other day new crypto is launched in the market. And if you are an active investor in the crypto market, it becomes very important for you to get knowledge of all new advancements or launches in the market. In this article, we will talk about the Porto Fan token and we will also discuss Porto Fan Token Price. It is a new token of the Binance launchpad and is very famous in countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, and India. 

What is the Porto Fan token?

Porto Fan Token is the 23rd launch of Binance Smart Chain. It is a BEP-20 token that has been launched in the market to transform the experience of all Porto fans. This token authorizes the Porto fans to participate in voting, search and collect digital collectibles, buy NFTs and even enjoy the gaming features which are given to fans with rewards. 

The buyers can check up Porto Fan Token Price online before purchasing the coins. The Porto fan token was launched with the vision of reshaping the relationship between the fans and FC Porto. It aims to do so by providing a single-stop crypto engagement on a platform. 

Founders of the token:

The Marketing Director of the Porto Fan is Tiago Gouveia. He has experience as a Marketing Manager in the field of sports. The head of Porto is Pedro Albuquerque. He has been working with Porto for 15 years. Goncalo Azevedo is the product manager of the company and Barbara Diana Borges is the marketing and international head of FC Porto Fan. The Porto Fan Token Price has been discussed in the latter part of the article. 

Market Data of Porto Fan crypto coin:

  • Name of the coin- FCPorto Fan Crypto Coin
  • Launchpad hard Cap of token- 4 Million USD
  • Hard Cap per user- 10,000USD (Porto)
  • Total supply of tokens – 40,000,000 PORTO
  • Total tokens in Binance Smart Chain Launchpad- 4 Million Porto (10% of the total supply)

Porto Fan Token Price:

The initial price of the PORTO Fan Token is around $1 but the final price of the token has not been determined yet. It will be determined on 16th November 2021 when the token will be distributed by Binance.

Price Prediction of the coin:

The price of Porto Token will start from $1 but when the token will get launched, millions of crypto buyers and binance users are expected to start buying, investing, and trading this coin. Thus, the Porto Fan Token Price is expected to spike.

According to our analysis, the price of the token can eventually rise as high as $15.l There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons why Porto token price can reach up to that mark is the huge popularity of the Binance Launchpad. Porto coin is the 23rd launch on Binance smart chain, which is the world’s largest crypto platform. And as per the history of Binance, it boosts the sale of its coins. AXS, LAZIO is the most recent examples. 

How to buy Porto Fan Token:

  • Firstly, create your account on Binance. 
  • Now you need to verify your account to verify your identity and location.
  • Next, you need to select your Porto Token from the list given on the launchpad.
  • The binance launchpad will allocate the tokens to the holders. 


The Binance Smart chain is one of the world’s biggest crypto platforms. And according to our research, the Porto coin will get admiration once it is launched on this platform. The Porto Fan Token Price might also rise with time, so it would be better to invest sooner in the coin. 

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