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{Updated} Portal Zacarias Chico Pereira Ta Dormindo: Detail On Menino de Blusa Azul, Apos Pular a Cerca

Our research on Portal Zacarias Chico Pereira Ta Dormindo will let you know about the video of Chico Pereira, Blusa Azul, and Apos Pular.

Did you hear of the Zacarias portal? What does this portal tell you about? Recently, this portal has been trending because of Portal Zacarias Chico Pereira Ta Dormindo and this video created a controversy among the people of Brazil. Many people who have accessed this video were shocked to know the truth behind this video. To know more about this video, kindly read this post. 

Real About Portal Zacarias Chico Pereira Ta Dormindo

As per online sources, the Chico Pereira video is terrifying and shows the cruelty of a son. We researched this video on the official website of Zacarias portal and learned that a son slit the throat of his father. He shot the incident on camera and shared the video online. In the video, he can be seen making breakfast for his father and when he enters the room, his father is lying in blood. The scene was a source of entertainment for him as he laughed. He also confessed that he killed his father as he gave him a lecture.

Portal Zacarias Menino de Blusa Azul

As per sources, this is another video that is not linked with the Chico Pereira video. This video is trending along with the previous video as it was also posted on Portal Zacarias. In the video, we can see an army major who can be seen shooting himself after shooting the person at his gunpoint. The video was shocking and could not be watched by faint-hearted ones. The man in the blue shirt was an army major. He first shot the person in front of him, then he shot himself. The man standing beside him was shocked after he killed himself.

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Portal Zacarias Apos Pular a Cerca

The Zacarias portal has shared several videos and Apos Pular was one of those terrifying videos. The video was shared by a resident of Imperatriz, Leno. In this video, a thief was attacked by two dogs. One of the dogs was Pitbull. The video was recorded in a camera and it was visible that a thief jumped over the fence to rob the house. However, the two dogs attacked the thief, and the man was torn apart brutally. The scene was terrifying and horrible. There was not much information available on this video.

Are these three videos interlinked? 

The Portal Zacarias Menino de Blusa Azul video is different from the Apos Pular and Chico Pereira videos. These three videos have a similarity in that they all have been shared in the same portal, Zacarias. This is the reason they might have been trending altogether. 


Summing up this post, we have given all the crucial details on the three videos that showed the cruelty with Humans. These videos are not suitable for young children and faint-hearted people. Also, one should avoid sharing such videos without adding any warning as it could be disturbing. If you are willing to watch the video, you may search it online.  

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DISCLAIMER: We could not post the link to the video here because it contains inhuman content. Moreover, our page does not support any cruelty against anyone. 

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