Best Features to Look at while Buying a Portable Triple Monitor for Laptop

Features to Look at while Buying a Portable Triple Monitor for Laptop

Suppose you have decided to buy a triple portable monitor for your laptop. In that case, you have your reason behind it because multiple monitors can be a great addition to your desktop setup. It will solve a lot of your problems and boost your productivity. But for anyone who is still anxious about the hype of it, then this article is undoubtedly for you. 

Moreover, everyone wants to increase the screen space to increase their work range or for other entertainment. Portable monitors are an efficient way to extend your laptop screen with some ultimate experiences. The Trio triple portable monitor for the laptop from Mobile Pixels gives you some best choices. They’re more portable than a desktop, making them more appealing and great options. 

Features to Look in a Portable Triple Monitor 

Apart from the triple portable monitor for a laptop, which can give you some major benefits and make your life easier than before, there are some features you have to look into while buying for your office or other work. Like all the other devices, triple portable monitors are not created equally, but there are some features you should look for in every multi-portable monitor. A triple portable monitor for a laptop needs to have these below-mentioned features to boost our productivity and entertainment experience: 

Size of the Device 

Size is the main feature you should look at before buying a multi-screen extender for your laptop. The usage of the other screens is the most important thing to remember before choosing the size of these triple portable monitors. 

If you are buying it for your kids, a smaller, more portable screen would be your best option. But if you are planning to buy it for editing photos and videos, big screens with high-quality pixels are what you are looking for.

Quality of the Screens

Screen quality is essential, as it dramatically matters in many cases. If you are planning to watch movies and series on your triple portable monitors, a high resolution is unnecessary. But if you are a coder and sift through hundreds of lines of code, then a 4k or higher resolution is a must-need feature. 

High-quality screens will give you a better visual experience and boost your productivity. It will be able to view multiple activities simultaneously with better quality. 

Weight of the Device 

Although it’s a portable device, if you are a traveling person, you must carry your multiple screens everywhere. Now weight matters a lot here because a light-weighted device will be easy to carry even if you carry it for more than 8 hours. Check your device’s weight before buying it to avoid any inconvenience afterward.  


Check all the plugs and connectivity issues before choosing a triple portable monitor screen for your laptop. It is one of the essential features to look at because what is the use of your investment in it if you can’t plug it into your device? According to new standards, a USB-C connection should be available for your portable monitor screens. This type of cable efficiently transfers both power and a massive amount of data. 

Controls on Orientation

This feature should be your foremost priority if you are an editor or coder. It is a valuable feature that should be in portable multi-screens. This feature allows you to turn the monitor from landscape to portrait angle for a better experience. You can easily view the whole photo while editing it or quickly scan the long block of code in a single glance. 

Most probably, your laptop doesn’t have this feature, but orientation control can make your work easier with this multi-purpose tool. 

Wrap Up 

Triple portable screens for your laptop are your most beneficial investment, as they are handy and versatile devices. They can perform several specialized tasks and can increase your workflow and productivity. 

We hope this article has given you much knowledge about the features to look into while buying a triple portable monitor for your laptop that can ease your life and work in many ways. 

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