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Popov Vladimir Video: Is The Hurghada Shark Attack Video Trending on Instagram? Do Popov Have Girlfriend? Check Latest Reddit News Here!

In this post, we will discuss the Popov Vladimir Video, why it is trending on the internet, and what is on the video.

Do you love outings on the beach? Do you prefer a beach holiday with your family? If yes, you must even go to Beech in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, or any other country. Like us, a family also went to the beach when a horrifying incident shocked everyone worldwide.

The video of this incident is getting viral on the internet and grabbing people’s attention. So, people are curious to know why this incident happened and what is in the video. If you want to know what is in the Popov Vladimir Video, read this post until the end.


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What is in the Popov Vladimir Video?

A video has been going viral on the internet showing that a man died after being eaten by a tiger shark. This incident happened on Thursday on the coast of Egypt. The video shows that he was trying to escape but, unfortunately, couldn’t survive because the shark dragged him under the water.

Who are the men in the Vladimir Popov Shark Attack Video?

According to the Russian media, the man in the video was Vladimir Popov; therefore, the video is getting viral with the title Popov Vladimir’s Video. He was born in 1999. Viktor Voropayev, Russian Consul-General, confirmed the victim’s identity to TASS. Viktor Voropayev confirmed that the person is not a tourist but a permanent resident of Egypt.

What do people say about the incident?

According to the witness, this horrifying incident took seconds, and people around the beach started screaming when they learned that there was a shark attack.

In the Vladimir Popov Reddit video, which is getting viral across the internet, another user’s voice was clearly heard in the video. In the video, he said the shark was eating his remains now.

What happened to the shark?

When the shark attacked Vladimir Popov, the shark was taken to the shore.

Due to this horrifying activity, Egypt’s environment ministry suspended all water sports and activities for the next two days. All the activities will probably resume from Frida

This is not the first time sharks have eaten humans, particularly in the same area. Early in July 2022, two women were attacked by a shark around Hurghada. Therefore this video is also getting viral on the internet with Vladimir Popov HurghadaFor more information, you can find the social media links given below.

Social Media Links- 


A video has been getting viral on the internet in which a shark attacked a man. Men, uploaded on the internet, captured the video of the incident. The video was getting viral due to the intense content. 

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Popov Vladimir Video – FAQs

Q1. Is TASS a Russian news agency?

Ans. Yes, TASS is a Russian news agency. 

Q2. Where was the video first uploaded on the internet?

Ans. The video was first uploaded on Twitter.

Q3. Is man alive?

Ans. No, he is dead now. 

Q4. Does Popov Vladimir have Girlfriend?

Ans. We are unaware of that because we haven’t found any information about his girlfriend. 

Q5. Is this video still available on the internet? 

Ans. Yes, this video is still available on the internet. 

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