Polygon Network Hack (Aug) Coin Price, Contract Address!

Polygon Network Hack (Aug) Coin Price, Contract Address!

Polygon Network Hack (Aug) Coin Price, Contract Address! >> Do you love investing in crypto coins? If yes, then this post will help you give more information about cryptocurrency.

On Tuesday, the hackers attacked the decentralized financial system, in which, according to the sources, assets worth $600 million got lost in crypto. On further investigation in the United States, three addresses were found in which the hackers used various methods to transfer the fund. This Polygon Network Hack is considered to be the largest amongst all crypto frauds till now.

What is a Polygon crypto coin?

Polygon is a network that has created networks related to blockchain that can work with each other. This is an uprising option for new projects, and it has gained massive popularity due to the low expenses of gas with greater output. 

It was mainly created for the Ethereum network intended to bring adaptability and security to the alt chains. The Polygon also had a partnership with Binance and Coinbase that provided sufficient funds to the Polygon. This crypto coin hack is one of the biggest hacks in the cryptocurrency world, and people are genuinely very shocked to know about it.

Poly Network Hack Crypto Founders

The founders of Polygon Network are Jayanti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, Anurag Arjun, and Mihalio Bjelic, the company’s co-founder. Recently, Mark Cuban invested in Polygon, and it started gaining undivided attention from people all over the United Kingdom and the PhilippinesKanani was the son of a diamond factory worker who had the burden of clearing off his father’s debt, but after the birth of the Polygon, he is now the CEO of the same. Also, people in Canada are actively buying this cryptocurrency for their investment.

Polygon Crypto Coin Price Chart

After the above-mentioned polygon network hacked, we can understand the loss polygon faced now and its value in the market, especially in India

For the last seven days, the lowest price was $1.01, and the highest was $1.25. The current price in the market is $1.24, with a 10.1% increase in the price circulating in the market the day before. The polygon tokens are distributed monthly, and currently its supplying 4877830774 tokens.

Polygon Network Predictions

It is very profitable to invest in Polygon as the prices are expected to increase in the coming future, despite the Polygon Network Hack. As per the survey, the future polygon price in the coming five years will be around $13, and nothing will replace it.

Info about Polygon Coin supply

The coin price has increased upto 10% since the last 24 hours, and currently, it is circulating a supply of 6.4 billion coins with a total supply of 10 billion. If you search for investment in crypto coins, the Polygon is the most active one, with Binance as the most active exchange. 

How to buy Polygon coins? A perfect guide to Trustwallet

  1. The very first step is to download the Trustwallet app for Polygon Network Hack.
  2. This app works with polygon crypto tokens and works with other crypto tokens and wallets.
  3. With this wallet, you can effortlessly control all your funds without any hassle.
  4. You can easily send, receive, exchange, and store the coins with the help of your wallet and also with the ease of using them on your mobile.


  1.    When was the polygon cryptocurrency founded?

         It was founded in 2017 by four engineers in Mumbai.

  1. 2. Is it a better option to invest in Polygon crypto?

           Although it is at high risk, still the investments are safe.


After going through the points mentioned above, we can conclude that the Polygon Network Hack was the biggest in the crypto world, and we have discussed all the facts related to Polygon. Click here to know Bitcoin Scammer List 2021.

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