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Polka Monster To PHP (Aug) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Polka Monster To PHP (Aug) Price, Chart & How To Buy? >> Get to know about the statistical achievements of this crypto token and the conversion rates of the crypto token to selected fiat money.

With time people’s ambitions are growing, and they are not satisfied with a restricted range of selections. The platforms, especially online forums, are now facing the challenge of bringing something new to the table to quench the thirst of their ambitious and expecting customers. 

Every platform tries their level best however only some is genuinely able to stand out. It is true in the cryptocurrency business as well. People (with specific emphasis on the Philippines) are on the lookout for the statistical value of the cryptocurrency and the profits the currency will yield when converted to fiat money. 

Hence let’s look into the Polka Monster token and convert Polka Monster to PHP.

What is Polka Monster? 

The Polka Monster token is a Non-Fungible Token that is associated with the Binance Smart Chain network. It is a part of the NFT game and DeFi, making it the best of both world deal as the player can earn while having fun. 

The platform enables the invested players from anywhere in the world especially the Philippines to form a robust community that assists them in being part of the activities that would help make money from the game. 

Founders’ Details of the Polka Monster  

As part of the article, we looked into the Polka Monster to PHP founder and the team that worked on this crypto token development. However, there is no information about the founder of the Polka Monster token. The team name is given as anonymous.

The Price of the Polka Monster  

The price of any cryptocurrency holds a primary place while deciding on the investment. It helps to assess the current state of the currency and sometimes also helps to understand its future worth in the market. 

Hence, we have researched the price of this crypto token and found that the current price of the Polka Monster token is $0.012022. For Polka Monster to PHP, we need to emphasize market noticed no change in the last 24 hours. 

Market Price

  • The symbol for the Polka Monster token is PKMON, and the market rank is #2602. 
  • The market cap of this cryptocurrency is absent. 
  • This token’s fully diluted market cap is $12,021,531.940.  
  • The maximum supply is 1,000,000,000. 
  • The search did not provide the circulating supply of this token. 
  • The PKMON has a 24-hour trading volume of $16,701,758.220. 
  • The number of shareholders for this crypto token is 381. 
  • The Polka Monster token, according to the information, has made 6,619 transfers so far. 

Polka Monster to PHP

The focus of this article was on the rate of this crypto token to PHP, and we have found that 1 PolkaMonster = 0.61 Philippine Peso (PHP). Below are some values of the conversion: 

  • 2 PolkaMonster = 1.28 Philippine Peso (PHP) 
  • 3 PolkaMonster = 1.92 Philippine Peso (PHP)
  • 4 PolkaMonster = 2.56 Philippine Peso (PHP)
  • 5 PolkaMonster = 3.20 Philippine Peso (PHP)
  • 10 PolkaMonster = 6.40 Philippine Peso (PHP)

Steps to Buy the Token

  • The individuals should start by getting BNB (Binance money) and then purchase crypto and choose BNB. 
  • After going through Polka Monster to PHP values, if the user is interested, proceed to Pancakeswap and add the PKMON token. 
  • Now use the BNB collected to trade for the PKMON token. 


Q1. Is there an official website for Polka Monster token? 

A1. Yes, and it is https://polkamonster.game/ 

Q2. What is the contract address for this cryptocurrency? 

A2. The contract address is 0x609d183fb91a0fce59550b62ab7d2c931b0bb1be.

Q3. What was the highest value for the Polka Monster token? 

A3. The highest value that statistics predicted for the Polka Monster token was $ 0.0203. You can get more details here.


As a final thought to Polka Monster to PHP, we would say that we have done our research and combined all the information about the crypto token to get an idea about the most crucial information about the Polka Monster token. 

However, this doesn’t imply that the readers should blindly follow what is presented as the crypto world is ever-evolving.  Would you want to know how do I report a bitcoin scammer? Then visit 

How to you feel about the Polka Monster Token? Let us know in the comments below. 

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