Polis Token Price (Sep 2021) How To Buy and Predictions!

About General Information Polis Token Price

The Polis Token Price post discusses the launch of the next-gen gaming digital currency and the reason behind its high price.

The much-awaited launch of star atlas DAO on 2nd September 2021 is great news for people interested in gaming and digital currency worldwide. The Polis Token Price was listed on the expected lines, and in twenty-four hours, it has shown a downward movement, which is a sign of settling down. 

The chances of the DAO token remaining stable in the long term is due to its controlled supply in the market.

Compared to its peers, it has done well in the listing, and the community expects it to perform better in the long run.

About Star Atlas:

Star Atlas is a blockchain-based gaming platform based in the year 2620 and therefore is a next-gen multiplayer game. The Polis Token Price, the digital currency of governing body for this community, has seen a variation of around 40% since its listing.

The game set in the distant future is divided into three zones the MUD territory controlled by a human, the ONI zone for aliens and the Ustur area by sentient androids. These three factions are always in struggle mode to get control over land, resources and power.  

The developer has tried to connect the game economy with the real economy as the game in the token can be exchanged for real-world currency.

What is Polis Token Price?

The developer effort to connect the gaming community with the real world is an interesting step in developing the blockchain economy. 

As far as star atlas tokens are concerned, they are of two types:

  • Atlas Token: This digital currency of star atlas is developed as an exchange token for the game economy. The decentralized nature of the coin will allow it to grow the game economy as there is no cap on the supply of this token. 
  • Polis Token: It is also known as the governance token of the star atlas and is available with the platform’s decision-making body. It consists of 1% of the token supply of star atlas.

PolisToken Price Fluctuation:

This cryptocurrency has shown a good movement in the first twenty-four hours of its listing. From an all-time high of $10.50 to a recent low of $6.67, this gaming token has taken a hit of 42% within a day of listing.

Some facts related to polis crypto are listed below:

  • It has a total supply of 360 million units which is 1% of the entire crypto supply of star atlas.
  • The circulating supply of this currency is zero, and its supply is capped.
  • This token is only for the decision making body of the platform.
  • The capped nature of supply is responsible for high Polis Token Price in the market.

How to Buy Polis Coin Token:

The developer of the polis token used the bidding process for the first sale of this coin, and it was made available for initial exchange offering on FTX, Raydium and Apollo-x. Once the listing of this token got over, people can purchase it in the secondary market by following the steps mentioned below.

  • One needs to visit FTX, Raydium or Apollo exchange websites.
  • They need to sign up in exchange for purchasing the token.
  • They are also needed to give their complete identity verification for token purchase.
  • Put the desired amount in your wallet.
  • Order the unit of token for purchase.


  • Q – What is the 24 hour change in Polis Token Price?
  • The price is high by 16.4%
  • Q – What is the official site of Polis?
  • Visit https://polispay.org/
  • Q – What is the contract address of Polis?
  • 0xb5bea8a26d587cf665f2d78f077cca3c7f6341bd  

Final verdict:

The main reason behind the high price is its capped supply and limited use within the community, like bitcoin developers, has tried to limit the supply of this currency. 

People dealing in cryptocurrency can share their experience with Star Atlas Token in the comment section, and they can also give their opinion on this post below You can also check Polis Token Price oncoingecko. Also check the best Cryptocurrency applications to before investing.

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