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{Updated} Poland Missile Reddit: Which Missile Attack Happened, What Is The Strike About, Also Find Defense Meetind Details From Reddit and Twitter Page!

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NATO announced a meeting in Bali, Indonesia, after a missile strike in Poland which is said to be made in Russia. It is said that two were killed during the strike. 

Do you know what the whole incident is about? Are you wondering whether Russia will leave the missile or not? Is there any outcome of the meeting? Do you know people Worldwide are talking about it? Read this article about Poland Missile Reddit till the end.

What is the missile strike all about?

Yesterday a missile strike in eastern Poland led to the taking of the life of two individuals and spread an aura of fear all over a village in Poland. A meeting is organized due to this sudden strike by NATO. 

According to the Polish government, the missile struck the village named Przewodow, Andrzej Duda further said it is not confirmed whether Russia hit the missile, but he said it seems to be made in Russia so nothing is confirmed.

First, the ministry said that the missile was Russia-made, and an immediate explanation was demanded. we have taken all information from news whose link you will find below in social media link section.

Missile Attack: What happened in the meeting?

A meeting was announced at the G20 summit that is currently going on in Bali in Indonesia. The meeting was held by Joe Biden, the president of the US. All the members of NATO attend the meeting, which includes Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and much more. 

NATO contains all countries except Japan as its members. Biden said the investigation is going on about the blast and the killing of two by its allies, link will be provided further in the article on Twitter. The information is not collected as the meeting is still going on, but it is being said that the missile was not shot by Russia but seemed to be made in Russia. we didn’t claim that all information is correct as we have taken this from news, you can check link in social media links section.


Missile Attack What happened in the meeting

Biden said it would be wrong to conclude Russia so early, and it will be cleared from the investigation.


The information in the article is all from good searches from web sources. Any information doesn’t mean to portray any bad image or hurt any sentiments. All the above provided is for informational purposes only.

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The members of NATO and Japan announced the meeting in Bali after a missile suddenly struck Poland’s village, which led to the killing of two people. For more information about missiles in Poland, visit the link.

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Strike missile- FAQs:

Q.1 What is the full form of NATO?

Full form of NATO is North Atlantic treaty organization.

Q.2 Where did the missile strike?

The missile struck a Polish village named Przewodow.

Q.3 Who shoots the missile?

It is not cleared yet, and the outcome will be out after the meeting ends.

Q.4 Where is the meeting taking place?

The meeting is taking place in Bali, Indonesia.

Q.5 Who is in the meeting in missile Defense?

All NATO members and Japan are in the meeting.

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